30 March 2013

New York Startup Makes US-Wide, State-To-State Food Ordering, A Reality

Goldbely is a New York startup committed to making happy ‘foodies’ even happier.

Goldbely's mission is to make the most amazing and delicious food from all over the US available to anyone from anywhere in country. They offer up the chance for you to sink your teeth into a tasty Chicago deep dish pizza in a matter of hours, even if you're all the way in Los Angeles.

All you need to do is look for your latest craving on their list of famous food places on their website and hit the ‘order’ button.

Some famous food places listed on their site are: Kansas City’s famous barbecue, Oklahoma City’s pioneer pies, and Arizona’s fairytale brownies.

Hopefully, all future food-related cravings can be satisfied from hereonforth.

[via Psfk.com, images via Goldbely]