30 March 2013

Parisian Locations Past And Present, Featured Side-By-Side In Stills

Photographer Audrey Cerdan, under the direction of Albert Kahn, recently recaptured a series of color photos of Paris from the early twentieth century.

The resulting stills were placed side-by-side with images of the same Parisian locations that was captured in the 1910s, on the website called, Rue 89.

The original stills were scanned and Google Maps' Street View was employed to search for the areas online, thereby creating a map of the different locations. This allowed them to pinpoint where they had to be in order to capture the corresponding shots.

As much as possible, the camera was set-up in the same place as before, which was understandably a challenge sometimes due to modern obstacles like having cars parked at the respective locations or even finding that buildings had been constructed in those areas, since that time.

Enjoy Paris' past and present, simultaneously, in the images below:

[via Psfk.com, images via Rue 89]