28 August 2013

In New York City, A Re-Creation Of Edward Hopper’s ‘Nighthawks’ Painting

To promote their latest exhibition, “Hopper Drawing”, the Whitney Museum of American Art has placed a life-size replica of Edward Hopper’s most iconic painting, “Nighthawks”, on the ground floor of the Flatiron building in New York City.

Although the diner in the painting was inspired by one in Greenwich, the triangular Flatiron building was deemed as the best place for this re-creation to “pop-up” as both buildings are curved in a similar manner.

The sentiment of being lonely in a big city is magnified in this 2D cut-out, showing that Hopper’s works are still relevant today.

Those who want to experience more of Hopper's works may like to go for this exhibition, where 2,500 of his drawings are displayed.

The exhibition will end on 6th October 2013.

[via PSFK]