31 October 2013

A Stylish Minimalistic Bicycle Inspired By Old Swedish Messenger Bikes

Swedish design agency People People has designed a stylish minimalistic city bicycle modeled after old Swedish messenger bikes.

Spiran’, which is Swedish for ‘Scepter’, builds on the popular ‘Kronan’ model and features a lightweight frame and slim racing tires that are specially crafted for maximum agility and speed.

It also has an integrated bike lock located in the front basket that folds out to secure the bike around a lamp post or fence, eliminating the need for clumsy bike locks.

Instead of a chain, the fixed gear bike comes with a carbon fibre belt that doesn’t require lubrication or maintenance, ensuring riders’ legs and pants are free of grease. It also reduces noise caused by a normal chain, making for a smoother, quieter ride.

View more images of the ‘Spiran’ bike below.

[via PSFK, images via People People]