25 November 2013

Brilliant Linear Calendar Shows Your Entire Year's Schedule In A Single Timeline

The Linear Calendar is a calendar designed by entrepreneur Jeff Schwarting, who aims to provide specialty daily planners to a niche market.

The reason The Linear Calendar works, is because it is so brilliantly simple that we wonder why no one has thought of it before.

Schwarting’s calendar designed with an uninterrupted timeline allows users to see their entire year’s schedule at a glance, giving them a better sense of what’s ahead in the months to come, or how many days they have exactly to order new office supplies before it runs out.

Measuring approximately 6’6” x 8”, this calendar is printed on sturdy poster-stock with a matte finish. Weekends are denoted by shaded days, and the months are printed horizontally.

It can be positioned vertically or horizontally, and you can either write on it or easily use sticky notes to add reminders to yourself.

This project has already received overwhelming funding support on Kickstarter, and if you would like a piece of this brilliantly designed calendar, click here.

Watch an introduction of the linear calendar below:

[via PSFK]