23 December 2013

A Crowdfunding Platform That Helps Designers Create And Sell Their Designs

Crowdyhouse’ is an Amsterdam-based crowdfunding platform created by Mark Studholme and Suzan Claesen that aims to help cash-strapped independent and emerging designers produce and get paid for their creations.

The initiative is customized for the design industry and aims to do away with the middleman, in this case labels who traditionally only pay royalties. Instead of a funding goal, projects need to fulfil a minimum number of orders before a design can go into production. The designer’s final piece is the reward for backing the project, and backers can buy it in advance.

Studholme and Claesen were inspired by the #milanuncut debate which exposed how designers are underpaid for their work.

Find out more about Crowdyhouse here.

[via PSFK and Dezeen, images via Crowdyhouse]