Monday, March 30

Daily Inspiration: Analog Memory Desk by Kirsten Camara

Today’s coolness comes from Kirsten Camara, a student from Minneapolis College of Art and Design. She’s gotten raves for her ‘Analog Memory Desk’ design which has a built-in scrolling paper surface for recording sketches and ideas.

Her idea comes from the obsession with how we remember the past. If all those tiny details we jot down onto the paper will eventually tell a story of who we were, what we went through, and if these tiny parts will produce a new narrative about our lives.

With 1,100 yards of paper, the table will record the lists, the phones numbers you call once, the pixel size of that box on that website, the street name of that business, and the long division you try to remember.

Kirsten hopes to venture into furniture design in the future, as for the desk, it’s made out of hard maple, butcher paper and a glass panel.

daily inspiration ANALOG MEMORY DESK

daily inspiration ANALOG MEMORY DESK

daily inspiration ANALOG MEMORY DESK

daily inspiration ANALOG MEMORY DESK

Watch: Why There Are So Many Elevator Scenes In ‘Mad Men’

If you are a fan of popular TV series Mad Men, you may have noticed that many of the show’s key scenes took place in elevators—in a recent article by John Jurgensen on The Wall Street Journal, series creator Matthew Weiner explains why this is so.

According to Weiner, “the elevator served as a cinematic jewel box”, and is a unique set, “a neutral zone where characters cross paths, and where time, physical space and tension get neatly compressed”—to top it off, elevator sets are very easy and cheap to produce, making them great money-savers.

The usefulness of elevator scenes in Mad Men could be discerned from their sheer number—in 85 episodes of the TV show, there are a considerable 59 scenes in elevators.

It is fascinating to find out how a mundane daily activity like riding the elevator could be used to convey “rich visual metaphors” in the series, with the potential for dramatic impact on the plot.

Watch the videos below to learn more about elevator scenes in Mad Men.

[via The Wall Street Journal]

Daily Freebie: Huge Galactic Space Icon Set

Today’s daily freebie is an icon set from talented designer Adam Katyi from design house, Hungarumlaut. This pictogram-dingbat font was created for the ‘To the infinity and beyond’ exhibition.

This amazing typeface features spaceships, satellites and other unified flying objects, Moon- and Mars-cars, space characters and planetariums. The set also has the entire solar system from the Sun to Neptune.

daily freebie - to infinity and beyond

Shooting stars, in different styles and even Ursa Major and Ursa Minor too. There are a lot of different arrows, clock icons and geometric symbols too.

The icon set is free for non-commercial so if you’ve got a galactic project like a flyer, website, user interface or even an infographic you’re working on, it’s only 20 euros for the commercial version.

Download after the jump!

daily freebie - to infinity and beyond

to infinity and..beyond!!

Common Typography Mistakes That Rookie Designers Tend To Make

When it comes to creating great typography for your projects, as with other aspects of the design process, practice makes perfect—however, there are some common typography mistakes that rookie designers can learn to avoid.

Freelance writer and graphic designer Janie Kliever has highlighted 20 of such mistakes that “every beginner makes” in an article for Canva Design School—she also dished out tips on how to set them right and prevent them from ruining your designs.

From not paying attention to tracking and leading to using too many typefaces and focusing on form over function, this informative piece is a quick course on the typography dos and don’ts that all designers who are just starting out should take note of.

Read the entire article here—are there any more common typography mistakes that you can think of?

Crowding your letters: “The problem is, when your letters are too close, it decreases readability significantly (especially when working with smaller font sizes) and makes your design look crowded.”

Ignoring readability: “Legibility issues can come in many forms — a font could be too small; the font and background colors might clash; or transparency effects might make text hard to see.”

‘Orphans’ and ‘Widows’: “When you’re typesetting a text-heavy project and you notice one of these dangling somewhere, you want to fix it to avoid creating large patches of white space that interrupt your text.”

[via Canva Design School]

Poignant Ads Urge You To Give Unwanted Gifts To Someone Who Appreciates Them

[Click here to view the video in this article]

Most of us would be familiar with receiving a present we don’t want and end up chucking it into our closet or cupboard, where it will lie forgotten and gather dust over time.

New York-based agency Wing has turned that all-too-common scenario into a trio of unexpectedly poignant ads for, that urge viewers to pass their unwanted gifts to someone who needs them more.

In the ads, an exercise video, a trivia game set, and a novel speak sadly about being abandoned, not unlike a forgotten friend or rejected lover.

While you might feel a tinge of guilt while watching them, the message is clear: “If it doesn’t make you happy, let it make someone else happy.”

Check out the touching spots below.

[via Ads of the World, videos via]

LOL: Man Captures A Hilarious Panoramic Photo Of His ‘Multi-Legged’ Cat

Reddit user FallenCoffee was taking a panoramic photo when his pet cat decided to walk by in-front of the camera.

The resulting photo features his cat as a ‘multi-legged cat-erpillar’. The hilarious photo has also gone viral on Reddit and other online platforms.

[via Laughing Squid, image via Imgur]

Awesome Logos For Animals Use Creative Typography To Represent Each Creature

If animals have brand logos, what do you think they would look like?

Based in Minsk, Belarus, art director, designer and calligrapher Sasha Chebotarev has created a collection of very clever logos for various animals, including the shark, the rhino, the whale and the snake.

Each logo in the series uses creative typography to bring across the distinct characteristics of the animal that it represents—for instance, the wordmark for the whale forms the shape of the sea mammal while the letter ’S’ in the shark logo has fierce, sharp teeth.

View all all the logos in the series here.

[via Betype, images via Sasha Chebotarev]

Amusing Illustrations That Imagine Your Annoying Colleagues As Rappers

After making us laugh with these clever tricks that help you appear “smart” in emails, Sarah Cooper from The Cooper Review has returned with a new series of illustrations that creatively imagines your annoying co-workers as rappers.

With hilariously apt names like ‘Two Cent’ for the one who gives unsolicited opinions, and ‘Kant Wait West’ for the impatient co-worker, would you use these sneaky nicknames for your colleagues?

Scroll down to view them, or head here to view the full set.

[via The Cooper Review]

Watch: Fascinating Transformation Of Man In Selfies Of A 2,600-Mile Hiking Trip

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To promote ‘Lost Or Found’—a short film of a man embarking on a 2,600-mile hike to find himself—creative Andy Davidhazy went on a journey from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail.

He then decided he would take a selfie after each mile to document the entire process.

The following time-lapse shows Davidhazy undergoing a fascinating transformation over the five-month ‘life-changing experience’.

Check it out below:

[via Mashable, images via Andy Davidhazy]

Watch: Man ‘Cooks’ Japanese Crispy Noodles In His Miniature Toy Kitchen

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After delighting us with a mini frosted cake and tiny cheeseburgers, the man behind YouTube channel Miniature Space has returned with a new video that showed him preparing a tantalizing Japanese crispy noodle dish called ‘Ankake Yakisoba’ effortlessly with tiny utensils.

To make the Japanese dish, the man first boiled some noodles before deep frying them in a tiny pot. He then “cooked” a delicious gravy made with onions, carrots, cabbage, meat and prawns.

Check out the video below to see how he did it.

[via Tastefully Offensive, images via video screenshots]