Friday, July 25

Illustrator Proposes To Long-Time Girlfriend With An Awesome Animation Video

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Illustrator and animator Adam Rosenbaum spent months after work and the occasional weekends perfecting his animation video to pop the question to his long-time girlfriend.

The two-minute-long animation captures the couple’s journey together in adorable details.

Check out the sweet video below:

[via Adam Rosenbaum]

A Photo Gallery Of Images Creatively Enhanced With Stitches Of Thread

Sillouettes, 2011.

Jessica Wohl

Artist Orly Cogan curated a series of photographs that were artfully "enhanced" by 11 artists in the exhibit, ‘The Embroidered Image’.

The concept is similar with the illuminated photographs we featured earlier—old black-and-white photographs were given a renewed sense of beauty with carefully hand stitched lines of thread.

Dresses on dancers and ballerinas were given fresh colored patterns, while faces were accompanied with creative stitches that reflected the emotions depicted in the photographs.

In some photographs, buildings were obscured with cross-stitched "pixels", leaving the viewer to ponder about history’s "fading memories".

View a selection of the stitched images below, which are currently on display at the Robert Mann Gallery until 15 August 2014.

Diane Adams (Dance 1), 2012.

Jose Romussi

The Holy Family, 2012.

Flore Gardner

Blizzard, 2011.

Melissa Zexter

Tears, 2013.

Flore Gardner

Former Guard Tower off Pushkinallee,2013.

Diane Meyer

White Mask, 2012.

Jessica Wohl

Speech Bubbles (YES), 2010.

Flore Gardner

[via Design Milk, Images via Robert Mann Gallery]

Chart: TV, Film Characters And Their Drink Of Choice

Click on image to enlarge

Click on image to enlarge

Website Cool Material has created a chart that showcases the preferred drinks of famous characters from TV shows and movies.

From Homer Simpson’s beer to Captain Jack Sparrow’s rum, this chart offers an amusing look at the various alcoholic beverages that some of the most well-known pop culture personalities reach for again and again.

Doesn’t this make you want to grab a glass of your favorite drink?

[via Cool Material]

Infographic: The Advertiser’s Guide To Reaching Travelers On Facebook

Mobile ad buying platform Ampush has come up with an infographic to help advertisers better target the large pool of travelers on Facebook.

Check out the eight key strategies they have put together based on data and insights gathered from campaigns.

Scroll down to find out more.

Click to view full enlarged version

Click to view full enlarged version

Click to view full enlarged version

Click to view full enlarged version

[via Ampush]

‘Imoji’ App Turns Your Selfies Into Emojis, Adds Personal Touch To Messages

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Those of you who are prone to taking selfies might want to check out ‘Imoji’, an iOS app that turns them into fun, textable emojis.

After signing up, choose a photograph from the web or from your phone. You can also take a picture with your phone and erase the background with the app’s built-in tool. Save the image, drag it into iMessage and you're all set to start texting your friends.

You can also search for trending categories in the database, like celebrities and animals.

With the ability to add a personal touch to messages, it’s a fun and addictive app that “makes your texts more you.”

Watch an introductory video below, and download the ‘Imoji’ app here.

[via Gizmodo, Laughing Squid and Product Hunt, images via Imoji App]

Photographer Takes Playful Portraits That Defy The Bible's ‘10 Commandments’

You Shall Not Kill

Photographer Anna Friemoth tackles the Ten Commandments with much wit—by taking self-portraits that illustrates each of the biblical principles.

In her project '10 Commandments', the New York-based photographer steps into the role of ten different personas, each depicting their own sinful desires.

Take a look at Friemoth’s satirical work below.

You Shall Not Take The Lord’s Name In Vain

You Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me

You Shall Not Commit Adultery

Honor Your Father And Mother

Keep The Sabbath Day Holy

You Shall Not Bear False Witness Against Your Neighbor

You Shall Not Covet

You Shall Not Make For Yourself Any Graven Image

[via Feature Shoot, Images by Anna Friemoth]

Infographic: A Guide To Cellphone Etiquettes In 11 Countries

Kansas-based servicing company RepairLabs has put together an interesting infographic on phone etiquette around the world.

The guide shares the do’s and don’ts when using your cellphone in 11 countries. It includes the common greeting and parting remarks of each country too.

There are also some surprising trivia; for example in Thailand, when someone makes a call, they allow it to ring until someone answers the phone, while in Japan, it is taboo to make calls or text-message when you are cycling.

Check out the guide below:

[via Life Made Simple]

Designer Imagines Famous Personalities With Big Noses, No Mouths

New York-based interactive designer Phillip Pastore has created a Tumblr blog where he posts hilarious digitally-altered photos of famous figures with exaggerated noses and non-existent mouths.

Titled ‘Nosemouth’, check out his series of works, which includes celebrities, politicians, and even the royal family, here.

Scroll down for your dose of weekend laughs.

[via Laughing Squid, images via Nosemouth]

Bizarre Photographs Of Animals That Do Not Exist In Real Life

Cercophitecus Icarocornu (Fauna)

Spanish artist Joan Fontcuberta’s 1987 series ‘Fauna’ is a bizarre look at animals that do not exist in real life.

The self-described “teller of mistruths” blurs the line between reality and fantasy with strange animal hybrids like unicorn monkeys, legged snakes and mysterious deer-like creatures.

A collaboration with writer and photographer Pere Formiguera, Fontcuberta derived inspiration from the archives of a fictional zoologist named Dr. Peter Ameisenhaufen, using artefacts and notes to carefully piece together photographic evidence of the existence of these made-up creatures.

His concept and execution is so convincing that despite the absurdity of the series, you can’t help but feel they must be real.

The photographs are part of his first UK exhibition ‘Stranger Than Fiction’ that brings together ‘Fauna’ and other works in his oeuvre.

The exhibition opened at the Science Museum in London on Wednesday, and runs til 9 November.

View some of Fontcuberta’s images below and if you’re in London, do check out his exhibition.

Solenoglypha Polipodida (Fauna)

The Great Warden of All Good (Fauna)

Cercophitecus Icarocornu 2 (Fauna)

Alopex Stultus (Fauna)

Centaurus Neandertalensis (Fauna)

[via The Guardian and The Telegraph, images by Joan Fontcuberta]