Wednesday, April 16

Designer Matches Small Everyday Objects To PANTONE Color Swatches

Based in Houston, Texas, graphic designer Tiny PMS Match’s Instagram feed]

Bold Geometric Compositions That Juxtapose Architectural Spaces Against The Sky

Italian graphic designer Lino Russo’s latest project ‘Skymetric’ explores the relationship between nature and architecture.

Derived from the words ‘sky’ and ‘metric’ (from ‘geometric’), his bold and colorful compositions feature the clean lines and sharp angles of buildings juxtaposed against a blue sky.

The minimalist and geometric shots highlight the de-contextualization of architectural spaces, creating a systematic and organized structure that emphasizes simplicity and cleanliness.

Check out his work below.

[via Fubiz, images via Lino Russo]

An iPhone Mirror That Pokes Fun At Our ‘Selfie’ Obsessed Culture

California-based designer Gabe Ferreira constructed a 7-foot iPhone mirror that pokes fun at our selfie obsessed culture.

Called ‘Screen Identity’, Ferreira wanted to make a statement on how people are obsessed with their phones and have become more self-absorbed.

As people walk past the sculpture, they stop and see their own reflections ‘trapped’ within the confines of the device.

“I’m trying to comment on the fact that we live inside our phones now,” said Ferreira in an interview.

[via Gabe Ferreira]

Poignant Ads Show How Alzheimer’s Patients Perceive Their Loved Ones

The ad agency Grupo Gallegos has come up with creative and heartwrenching posters for the Alzheimer’s Association.

Presented as works of art, these posters were “signed” by an artist named Alzheimer’s, and shows how the disease wrecks and distorts a patient’s memory.

Check out these thought-provoking ads below.

[via El Hombre Anuncio]

Flat Butts: An Off-Beat Website Devoted To Flat Design Icons Of Animal Backsides


New York City-based art director Peter Jostrand has turned his obsession with animal posteriors into a humorously off-beat blog titled ‘Flat Butts.’

In an interview with Fast Company, he explained that he got the idea of cataloguing animal backsides during a meeting, when he came across a slide explaining minimalism that was mostly empty save for a circle in the middle.

He put two and two together and realized that flat design goes well with animal behinds. To show how deep his fascination with animal buttocks runs, he revealed that he has “50 butts queued.”

If you’re thinking Jostrand studies pictures of animal rears intently before rendering them as graphics, you’re right. Jostrand admits working on his designs in the office gives rise to awkward situations but he’s “gotten really good at hitting Command Tab” whenever a co-worker strolls by his desk.

Some of the animal rumps he has come up with include those of a tiger, a baboon, a pig, and a particularly adorable one of a bumblebee.

Check out some animal butt graphics below and follow his blog for more. Which is your favorite butt?








[via Fast Company and Reddit, images via Flat Butts]

Coloring Book Pages Transformed Into Funny And Twisted Illustrations

The website Coloring Book Corruptions catalogs a series of funny and twisted coloring book pages that were filled in by adults.

Some completed images include an ant being burnt by a magnifying glass, and a grasshopper “summoning” Satan.

We wonder what other sick and amusing surprises this website has in store for us—scroll down to view some of these creative transformations, or head over to the site to view more.

[via Bored Panda, images via Coloring Book Corruptions]

Street Art Project Aims To Decorate The World With 4,000 Blue Butterflies

Based in New York, artist Tasha Lewis has embarked on an interactive project that aims to brighten up our world.

The artist has created 4,000 blue magnetic butterflies and will send them in packs of 400 to 10 groups of people around the world—she hopes that the recipients of these insects will use them to decorate all seven continents.

Apart from the butterflies, these packages will also contain a how-to guide, a repair kit and a notebook—participants are required to place these butterflies around their neighborhood, take photos of them and share them on social media before sending them to the next recipient.

Lewis hopes to gather all these images and exhibit them once she is done with the project.

If you would like to help her out, you can head on over to Swarm The World—isn’t this a lovely project?

Scroll down to view where these butterflies have ventured to.

[via My Modern Met]

A Funny, Tongue-In-Cheek Blog That Condenses Too-Long-To-Read Wikipedia Entries

Today’s interesting website of the day comes courtesy of TL;DR Wikipedia, a new Tumblr blog that calls itself “Wikipedia: condensed for your pleasure.”

For the uninitiated, “TL;DR” means “too long, didn’t read”, and the website lives up to that tagline with entries that hilariously pare down their respective subjects into succinctly-written descriptions.

Check out some condensed entries below and follow the blog here. Do you have a favorite entry?

[via Neatorama and Metafilter, images via TL;DR Wikipedia]