Wednesday, November 25

CLD Exclusive Freebie: 120 Coins of the World Icons (SVG PNG)

Today’s exclusive freebie comes from our good pals over at Freepik! We were all kids once and while times have changed, the art of collecting hasn’t.

For those of you born in the era of comic book, stamp and insect collecting, I’m sure coins have crossed your mind more than once. If you didn’t collect it I’m sure a sibling or geeky neighbor did.

Freepik has compiled and created a bunch of neat vector coins from around the world from Europe to Asia and everything in between! Perfect for your next art project, these flat icons come in SVG and PNG and there’s a total of 120!

The freebie can be used for personal and commercial projects so go ahead and download them after the jump!

coins of the world exclusive freebie

drop some coins on me!

Tuesday, November 24

Feature Work: The Happiness Identity by SUPERFICTION

Today’s featured work is “SUPERFICTION”, an identity design project that focuses on the concept of happiness derived from unique experiences and emotions.

As their Behance page states, “SUPERFICTION pursues the concept of ‘the happy life’ by delivering unique experiences and emotions not only limited to our minds, but to our eyes, ears, hands, and our hearts”. With a bold yellow that’s sure to bring happiness from the first glance, the project is sure to bring a smile to the viewer.

Adding new value in the fields of design and art, through creative play and joyful practices SUPERFICTION builds and grows this lifestyle brand. To learn more, check out their site after the jump!

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Monday, November 23

Featured Designer: Pop Kulturaficionado Olly Moss

Today’s featured designer is Olly Moss, an illustrator and graphic designer from the UK. Moss creates stunning movie posters with bold color and minimalistic compositions.

Taking inspiration from pop culture and popular movies, Moss creates posters that are simple and yet incredibly memorable. The images are clean and crisp, and yet have enough information to convey to the viewer a feel for the movie. Utilizing silhouettes, Moss is able to add just enough elements from the movie to engage the viewer and pique their curiosity.

With some licensed characters thrown into the mix, Moss’ work is a great inspiration for both designers and fans of pop culture. To see more of his work, check out his website below.


jedi Jungle+Book Mr+Smith

Olly Moss

Friday, November 20

Featured Photographer: Dark Hopeful Evan Atwood

Nature. Longing. Humanity’s relationship with the Earth. These are some of the themes that Evan Atwood’s photographs convey.

With a bit of wanderlust, Atwood captures stunning landscapes with a singular figure in the foreground, challenging the viewer the relationship between man and the environment surrounding them. While in some cases the figures appear to be in danger- whether drowning in the water or exposed in the hot desert sand- their emotions convey a sense of calm and peacefulness.

Atwood’s work definitely shows the sublime in the intensity and beauty of nature, while challenging the viewer to consider their role and perception of the beautiful world surrounding them. To see more of his photography, check out his portfolio after the jump!

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 9.48.14 AM Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 9.49.18 AM Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 9.50.51 AM

see Evan

Thursday, November 19

Featured Work: Knitterkopf by Jan Ploch

Today’s featured work comes from Jan Ploch, a designer and illustrator from Germany. The project ‘Knitterkopf’ is a series of portraits that are drawn to resemble crumpled paper.

Knitterkopf, which translates roughly to ‘crease-head’, is a series of graphite drawings and portraits where the figures are distorted in such a way that the faces look like they have been crumpled up like a ball of paper. Perhaps most distinguishing is the eyes- though distorted, they are still strong and hold a sense of both invitation and despair.

It’s hard to pull your eyes away from these enigmatic portraits. Though very abstracted, the viewer is challenged to reconstruct the portraits in their mind and discover the emotion within each piece. To see this project and more inspiration from Ploch, check out the artist’s Behance site below!

87f6ed19345011.562d8d1922969 131d7a19345011.562d8d1915e2a bbd5e519345011.562d8d1906731



Exclusive Blogger Bundle: Get 50% Off All WordPress Plugins

Plugmatter’s aim, mission, focus and raison d’être is ‘to make plugins that genuinely (and seriously) matter’. Plugins that make a dent in the WordPress universe.

Which, by the way, totally reflects in their work.

Their WordPress plugins address the fundamental functions on a website that are imperative to having a flourishing, thriving and a kick-ass business. Built to make your journey as an online entrepreneur smooth and uninhibited – these plugins are not only easy enough for beginners, but also feature-packed enough for even the for the most advanced online marketer’s needs. Sweet!

So, this Black Friday, we’re excited to share their plugins with you. In the spirit of abundance, we’re offering a whopping 50% discount on ALL the plugins.

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Document Importer – Losslessly Import .docx Files Into Your WordPress Editor In a Blink

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Wednesday, November 18

Improve User Interaction on Your Website with Micro-Interactions

Micro-interactions are a great way to enhance the user experience on your website.

Micro-interaction, as the name suggests, is a small type of interaction on your website which grabs the attention of your visitor. Micro-interaction is an engagement, based on a single task in any digital manner. Be it switching off the alarm on your cell phone or putting your viewpoint through votes on the internet, micro-interactions fall in different categories.

user experience micro interactions

What are Micro-interactions?

We deal with Micro-interactions every day, in every appliance, website and device. Micro-interactions play an important role in making a brand memorable and unique. From changing a song in your iPod to posting a status on your social media networks, Micro-interactions are all around us.

You can perform numerous things with Micro-interactions.

  • Helping the user understand something
  • Passing over information through feedback or review
  • Checking out the result of a particular action.
  • Connecting different devices together
  • Customizing a setting
  • Switching a function or feature on or off

Even though micro-interactions are everywhere, we generally fail to notice them unless something goes terribly wrong. However, in spite of their small and negligible size, they are extremely important.
In general, Micro-interactions consist of actions or moments for elements.

user experience micro interactions

How to integrate Micro-interaction in your website?

There are various different ways of integrating micro-interaction in your website. Some of them are shared here.

1. Highlight changes

Change is a major part of digital world. Nothing can be achieved without making small to major changes. Highlighting changes are the best way to keep your user informed about various processes. Often, these changes are shown merely by replacing a button with another when required. Also, changes can be highlighted when a user hovers on a specific button. Animation is the best way to grab the attention of a user.

2. Envisage input

From filling up a registration form to finding required information through a search box, data input is an important element of any website or app. Consequently, the user becomes dependent on it. Filling this data can be quite boring and cumbersome for the user. However, micro-interaction is here to turn this boring, monotonous process into interactive and highly interesting task.

3. Convey system status

Web users tend to navigate away from your website if it does not load up fast as they are aware of the fact that there are many other websites available on the internet which can provide them the same information but in less time. Therefore, it becomes all the more important to keep your visitors interested in your website preventing them to navigate away from your site. Micro-interactions have the power to keep the visitor interested while taking its own time for loading a particular page or information. Adding system statuses through micro-interactions can do wonders for your website. Do not let your users get bored; uplift their mood by showing them progress in an animated manner.

4. Non-Standard layouts

Micro-interactions can also help your users deal with uncommon and new design layouts. Rotating characters, scrolling graphs, forward flipping photos or easy scrolling are great examples of micro-interactions.

5. Calls to action

Not only micro-interactions help users interact with a website or an app, but also have the power to persuade them to keep scrolling, like or share a particular content, just because it keeps the user interested in the website.

Micro-interactions are interactive and do not leave a user bewildered about the website or app.

user experience micro interactions

Author Bio: Elvin Roy is a professional blogger who is great at bringing knowledge in her writings and associated with Wordsuccor that is a fastest growing WordPress Theme Development company giving service of HTML to WordPress responsive, Converting HTML to WordPress theme which also giving proficient theme & templates customization services across the globe. If you need to hire a WordPress developer, feel free to contact her TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn

Tuesday, November 17

Featured Designer: Creative Chaos Maker Niklas Åkerblad

Today’s featured artist is Niklas Åkerblad, a watercolor artist from Sweden. Drawing on Japanese mythology, his paintings are strong, vivid, and otherworldly.

Though primarily a watercolor painter, this designer also utilizes pen and ink as well as the digital medium to create stunning imagery. With bold bright colors and a strong, confident line quality, the artist captures the viewer’s attention and draws them into the Japanese symbolism.

Also a musician, Åkerblad creates the artwork for his own albums to emphasize his eclectic style in both mediums. To see more of his dynamic work, check out his portfolio site here.

tumblr_neob4wbEHx1s5ly4bo2_r1_1280 tumblr_noyhsstSax1s5ly4bo1_1280 tumblr_nm11l0iL5w1s5ly4bo1_1280 tumblr_nsapb8Ux0e1s5ly4bo1_1280

8 Inspiring FREE Examples of HTML5/jQuery Upload File Scripts

The role of jQuery technology has proved imperative in website development along with HTML5 markup language, so it would be wrong to declare any one of them at the top.

Both technologies have evolved to now needing less effort from developers. In recent time, developers and even business owners are taking more interest in these languages. This is why, the ratio of HTML5 and jQuery powered sites is soaring these days and generating tough competition for other webmasters.

The beneficial jQuey is used to develop websites that cater fantastic support with multiple browsers by letting a flexible option of embellishing AJAX code. This minimum code is easy to develop and helpful in comprehensive script loading. Hence, it’s being counted in the most prominent solutions for the website building. Let’s breakdown the site names developed by AJAX:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • YouTube

The process of adding file to upload plugin/script is relatively simpler due to the availability of free HTML5 & jQuery file uploading plugins that bring in a vast pool to use and reap the profits. Efficacious for online community or forum owners, these scripts can help in uploading file to particular admin area. However, CMSs own their inbuilt file uploader, but coding a site manually needs afresh file uploader to develop. This is what required to perform the entire process effectively.

We hand-picked some famous free HTML5/jQuery Upload File Scripts assorted with enormous key qualities. Our research will surely help the webmasters choose the best script to upload files on the web host. Besides these attributes, this collection of file uploader plugins allows performing customization on varied features to get the unique outcome and host site successfully.

1. Mini AJAX File Upload Form

8 Inspiring FREE Examples of HTML5 jQuery Upload File Scripts 1

This file uploading form laced with multifarious modern features lets the user upload any size of file via browsers. For this, it provides an option of drag and drop. The combination of important plugins can be easily formed as per the requirement through jQuery Knob, which is quite simple to learn to comprehend.

2. Drag & Drop jQuery File Upload

8 Inspiring FREE Examples of HTML5 jQuery Upload File Scripts 2

This jQuery built script brings file selection features in broad range like validation, progress bar, drag & drop support, video & audio, and preview images. Its cross-domain compatibility feature supports chunked as well as resumable file uploads and has the competence to smooth run on server-side platforms including Google App Engine, PHP, Java, RoR, Python, etc.

3. jQuery HTML5 Uploader

8 Inspiring FREE Examples of HTML5 jQuery Upload File ScriptsComes with lightweight feature, this plugin takes very less time to add the upload system. For the perfect execution, you just need to build dropbox element like div; afterwards only this uploader can complete the rest part. Surprisingly, it supports multiple input file elements.

4. jQuery Ajax File Uploader

8 Inspiring FREE Examples of HTML5 jQuery Upload File Scripts 4Enriched with progress bar and AJAX upload, jQuery AJAX plugin is one valuable solution to drag & drop the files. It is based on simple approach and works nicely. To get effective results from this plugin, it is mandatory to be acquainted with JavaScript/jQuery.

5. Uploadify HTML5 File Upload

8 Inspiring FREE Examples of HTML5 jQuery Upload File Scripts 5

In just painless efforts, user/developer can add files of his own choice to improve the functionality of site. This is built with HTML5 and Flash allows picking an ideal implementation that can be done with seamless flexibility. The included fallback methods of Uploadify complete this process gracefully.

6. Droparea

8 Inspiring FREE Examples of HTML5 jQuery Upload File Scripts 6This famous PHP-script embellished with simpler drag & drop file uploading options has been thoroughly tested on Mozilla Firefox and Chrome. Beneficial especially for server-side, it allows uploading image automatically on the server. With this plugin, you can also check the current progress of uploaded files.

7. Fine Uploader

8 Inspiring FREE Examples of HTML5 jQuery Upload File Scripts 7Fine Uploader script powered by JavaScript provides incredible user experience during the file uploading time on the website. Behind the introduction of this plugin, the primary aim was to turn complex file uploading process into simple to execute process without any hassle of dependency with platform or browser.

8. HTML5 Drag and Drop File Upload

8 Inspiring FREE Examples of HTML5 jQuery Upload File Scripts 8

The creation of web app which is small in size like Uploaded Center, is achievable these days through the use of HTML5 API bundled with the awesome compatibility with all modern browsers. This beautifully crafted web app makes uploading pictures an effortless task, when it comes to opening the websites on multiple browsers.


Here in the post, you will collect the list of powerful jQuery and HTML5 featured file upload scripts presented over the web and come at ZERO cost for downloading. Hopefully, it will entertain you and help you find the best one suitable to your website.


Author Bio: Steven Bowen is a columnist and professional blogger associated with No-refresh-Online T-Shirt Design Tool Provider, who likes sharing informative post with high-quality content to enhance the visitors’ knowledge.