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10 Photographers To Follow This Week

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Armed with their cameras, lenses—and perhaps, smartphones—these talented photographers capture compelling images of amazing places and wonderful things. These are the people with stories to tell, and they are inviting you to look through their discerning eyes. From the artistic to the commercial, the everyday to the extraordinary, these pictures are visual candies to sweeten up your day.

In our ‘Photographer of the Week’ series, you can live vicariously through these shutter-clicking story-tellers, whom you should be following on The Creative Finder.

If you are a photographer, illustrator or someone doing creative work, why not sign up at this professional portfolio network and share your work with other like-minded creatives.

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Infographic: Everything You Need To Know About Coffee

Personal finance website Finances Online has put together the ultimate guide to your favorite morning cuppa.

From tips on how to create coffee art to popular caffeine fix recipes, check out the incredibly detailed infographic below.

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[via Finances Online]

A Flat-Print, Functional Microscope That Costs Just $1 To Produce

Bioengineer Manu Prakash and his research team at Stanford University have created a lightweight, flat printed microscope that costs less than a dollar to produce.

The Foldscope can provide over “2,000X magnification”, and it does not require batteries to function.

It is printed on a flat sheet of paper coated with a thin layer of plastic, making it sturdy.

To use, simply fold along the printed lines on the paper—much like how you would create an origami piece.

In a TEDTalk video podcast, Prakash said that he “would love for (kids) to be able to just print out a Foldscope and carry them around in their pockets.”

[via Goats and Soda, images by Foldscope ]

Clever, Adorable Dogs Arrange Themselves To Form Letters Of The Alphabet

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Teaching a dog to learn a new trick is not an easy feat, let alone teaching a pack of dogs to form letters of the alphabet.

In this entertaining video, US artist and photographer William Wegman impressively choreographs his Weimaraners to form all 26 letters of the alphabet.

Watch the video below to see these dogs in action.

[via Wegman World, images via video screenshot]

The Colombian Women Cycling Team’s Awkward Uniforms Cause Controversy

At an event held by the Instituto Distrital de Reacreación y Deporte in Italy last Friday, the Colombian women cycling team shocked the attendees when they stepped onstage in their unusual uniforms.

At first sight, the cyclists seemed to be exposed from mid-torso to their upper thighs because of the flesh-toned panels on their uniforms.

According to Mashable, “the negative reactions were so strong” that the President of the Union Cycliste Internationale Brian Cookson took to Twitter to express his view on the matter.

[via Mashable, images from ÚltimoKilómetro]

‘Smellmaps’ That Mark Locations In Cities By Their Signature Scents

Smellmap: Amsterdam

Do cities have their own signature scent? According to Britain-based multi sensory artist and designer Kate McLean, they apparently do.

McLean curates the wonderful and weird odors that emanate from the streets in various cities of the world by creating sensory maps, or “Smellmaps”.

With a team of like-minded volunteers, McLean goes for “smellwalks” across selected cities to identify the odors that permeate the streets.

Their collated data is reflected and visualized in an infographic that lists the odor, its origin and range in colorful concentric circles.

So far, McLean has identified the various odors found in Amsterdam, Glasgow, and Paris. According to McLean, Amsterdam smells more like “warm, sugary, powdery… waffles”, and less like marijuana.

Take a look at her detailed “Smellmaps” below—for more information, you can visit McLean’s website.

Smellmap: Amsterdam

Smellmap: Amsterdam

Smellmap: Amsterdam

Smellmap: Amsterdam

New York’s Threshold Of Smell

New York’s Threshold Of Smell

New York’s Threshold Of Smell

New York’s Threshold Of Smell

[via Fast Co. Design, images via Sensory Maps]

Awesome Film-Themed Playing Cards Feature 52 Famous Movie Characters

London-based creative agency Human After All has created an illustrated movie-themed deck of playing cards, called the ‘Cult Movie Cards’.

The illustrated deck is a celebration of cult movies, featuring 52 characters from well-known films such as The Shining, Pulp Fiction, and Fifth Element.

These characters are masterfully hand-drawn by award-winning illustrator and the agency's creative director Paul Willoughby.

Find out more about the playing cards here.

[via CreativeBloq]

Homeless Man Get By With His Charms By Picking Up Girls, Going Home With Them

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The Elite Daily video team spent over a week with a 26-year-old homeless man, by the name of Joe, who survives by picking up women in Manhattan every night.

He was made homeless when his mother kicked him out of their home, after finding a stash of drugs on him—now, he spends his day panhandling for money, and makes about US$150 a day.

By night, he makes use of every opportunity to go home with a lady, seeing it as his only chance of washing up and sleeping with a roof over his head—he tells Elite Daily that “his only responsibility is to not look homeless”.

Despite being able to rent an apartment if he saves the money he makes off the streets, Joe insists on carrying on this lifestyle of hooking up and spending everything he's got on booze and drugs.

Watch the video below as the Elite Daily video team chronicles his appalling lifestyle.

[via Elite Daily, images via video screenshots]