Friday, October 31

The Brand Evolution Of Nike Condensed In Three Minutes

In the latest instalment of its ‘Brand Evolution’ series, Fast Company turns the spotlight on global sports brand Nike.

The three-minute-long short gives us a glimpse at how Nike got its iconic swoosh, its signature tagline ‘Just Do It’, and other interesting fun facts about the brand.

Check out the video below:

[via Fast Company]

This Cuddly Dog Is Giving Celebrities A Run For Their Money On Instagram

There’s a 12-year-old adopted Shih Tzu, named Marnie, causing waves on social media with her winsome pose—a head tilt coupled with her tongue hanging out.

This might remind you of Toast. But unlike Toast’s stuck out tongue, which resulted from the removal of rotten teeth, Marnie’s hanging tongue is really just due to it being very long.

Marnie doesn’t only have followers numbering more than 461,000, celebrities are also going crazy over the cuddly dog, particularly actor James Franco.

The special friendship between the duo blossomed when Marnie playfully impersonated Franco’s selfies.

Her owner, Shirley Braha, told Instagram, “It was all pretty fun and silly. Next thing you know, James Franco reposted the photos on Instagram. And that’s how The Great Selfie Battle of 2014 was born”.

Franco said, “I had no idea who Marnie the dog was, and then I saw she was my best mimic. I love Marnie’s versions of my selfies better than the originals. And she’s a really good drawer, better than a lot of humans.”

Begin your weekend on a good note with an endless dose of cuteness here.

[via Marnie the Dog]

Mischievous Videos Show How To Pronounce Words Hilariously Wrong

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Be careful not to click on the wrong YouTube channel when looking for help to pronounce tricky words in American English.

The ‘PronunciationManuel’ has been mischievously created to look like the PronunciationBook, but teaches how to pronounce words that are hilariously wrong.

Scroll down and head over here for more of such videos.

[via Mental_floss, PronunciationManuel]

Infographic: Essential Creative Food Hacks That You Can Try At Home

Here are some great food hacks that you should master in the kitchen for a fuss-free cooking experience.

An infographic created by Appliance City features a few essential food hacks that you can easily try at home, including tips on making your own dried fruit with an oven, and how to fry the perfect bacon.

Check out the infographic below for more information.

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An Illustrated Chart Featuring Apple’s Insane Collection Of Over 500 Products

Pop Chart Lab has released an updated version of its illustrated poster that charts Apple’s “insanely great” collection of more than 500 products.

Similar to the posters we featured previously, the latest ‘The Insanely Great History of Apple 3.0’ edition includes new Apple products such as the iPhone 6 and the upcoming Apple Watch.

Check out the poster, available for purchase here, below.

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[via Pop Chart Lab]

For Designers: Website Generates Endless Color Palettes With A Click

Designers, you can now get endless, cool color palettes with the hit of your keyboard spacebar.

Coolors is an easy-to-use website that generates color schemes almost instantly. The colors are labeled with its hex codes for references.

Users can also click on the color to lock it for a new color combination, or type in their own color palettes to share with another colleague.

Head over here to get fast color schemes.

[via Boing Boing, Coolors]

Adobe’s Halloween Murder Mystery Puzzle Will Test Your Photoshop Skills

As a run-up to Halloween, Adobe has been releasing complex PSD files containing clues to an interactive murder mystery game it is running on its Facebook page.

Each image clue consists of multiple layers which require you to sift through in Photoshop to uncover the mystery of “Who Killed Professor Photoheim?”. Adobe has released two images so far which you can download here and here.

Participants are invited to post screenshots of their evidence along with the name of the suspect by commenting on its Facebook page.

Head over to Adobe’s Facebook page or photo album to try out this whodunit game for yourself.

[via PetaPixel and Fstoppers, images via Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Photoshop]

An Honest Look At Instagram VS Real Life

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In this new video by BuzzFeed, it shows us that not all pretty photos we see on Instagram are picture-perfect in real-life.

Can you relate to the amusingly truthful short?

Watch the video below:

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Honda Promotes Two Cars In Brilliant ‘Double-Sided’ Video Ad

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To promote both the Honda Civic and Civic Type R models, agency Wieden + Kennedy London has created a brilliant “double-sided” video ad.

Titled ‘The Other Side’, the video tells two different stories at the same time, each with its own unique plot. To switch between stories, simply hold the ‘R’ button on your keyboard.

Check out the teaser below and experience the interactive ad here.

[via Adweek, images from Honda]

Daring Man Creates An 'Angry Birds' Style Catapult To Launch Himself Off A Cliff

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Professional base jumper Tancrede Melet is an adventure seeker, and he constantly prepares for more audacious jumps to challenge himself.

He and his team, Flying Frenchies, have recently released a trailer on their ‘Angry Birds’ style catapult project.

In this video, Melet is seen being slingshotted into the air from an ‘Angry Birds’ style catapult.

According to the video’s YouTube description, the project has involved 30 people over a duration of three months, and there is much more to it than just a catapult. The full story will be unveiled soon.

Watch how he did it below:

[via Independent]