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ThemeFuse Giveaway: Win a free full pack website (WordPress Theme + 1 Year Hosting Plan + 1 Optional Free Domain)

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WordPress lovers are in for a treat. ThemeFuse has launched a website pack, where customers who buy a theme get a one-year hosting plan along with a free domain name. The customers will get their login details in minutes, by mail once they complete the setup.

Here is a step by step tutorial how that is possible:

FULL PACK (THEME + HOSTING + DOMAIN) from ThemeFuse on Vimeo.

To sweeten the deal, ThemeFuse will be giving away this exciting package to a lucky winner that can be you. All you have to do is tell us why we should give the plan to you and how you are going to use your free pack, if you win it, in the comments below.

The second step is to tweet: Win a full website (WordPress theme + 1 yr hosting + 1 free domain) @ThemeFuse #WordPress Theme from @crazyleaf (RT to Enter).

Finally, go to ThemeFuse Facebook page and click the ‘Like’ button.

Note that we are offering two full packs and are going to announce the winner in a week. Be sure to come back and check on the result. So what are you waiting for!

Notes on the first Italic

St. Catherine, bad feet, & the first italic Whenever we think about the invention of the italic typeface we invariably think of the year 1501, when the italic type, commissioned by Aldus Manutius and cut by Griffo, was employed to set a new series of small pocket books, firat published in 1501. Aldus, writing to […]

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Notes on the first Italic

Fascinating Video Explains Why We Have More Boys Than Girls

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YouTube channel MinuteEarth has a rather interesting video that explores the global sex ratio—pointing out reasons why there are more boys than girls.

In the video, it is revealed that for every 100 girls born, there are 106 boys—which work out to “roughly 10 million more baby boys than girls”.

To find out more about this fascinating subject, check out the video below:

[via Neatorama]

Infographic: How Christmas Is Celebrated Around The World

As we approach the holiday season, let us take a quick look at how Christmas is usually celebrated around the world.

An infographic created by Lemonly documents the various phrases associated with Christmas across the world, together with unique food traditions found in countries like Denmark, Scotland and Austria.

Scroll down to view the infographic.

Click on image to enlarge

Click on image to enlarge

[via Lemonly]

Puppies As Disney Characters, Filmed In Slow-Motion Will Make Your Day

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For some Thanksgiving entertainment, the team over at Oh My Disney has dressed dozens of pups in Disney costumes.

Recreating scenes from Disney productions like Frozen, The Little Mermaid, Pirates of the Caribbean and Tangled, the puppies are filmed in slow-motion to rather amusing results.

Watch the video below:

[via Mashable, images via Oh My Disney]

‘WaterColorBot’ Turns Digital Artworks Into Watercolor Paintings

Turn your digital artworks into beautiful watercolor paintings effortlessly with the ‘WaterColorBot’ version 2.0, created by Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories and Super Awesome Sylvia.

The WaterColorBot is fully pre-assembled and ready to use right out of the box. It uses watercolor paints, pens and papers that can be bought at any stationary shop.

To operate it, users just have to plug it to a computer and watch it sketch and paint in real time—it is also computer-automated, allowing you to recreate paintings that are fully identical.

Head over here to get a WaterColorBot for US$295.

[via Evil Mad Scientist]

‘Hush Earplugs’ Let You Sleep In Peace Without Missing Your Alarm

Picture this—you are trying to catch a quick nap while waiting for your red-eye flight in a noisy terminal. However, you do not want to risk missing flight announcements when you use your usual earplugs.

The ‘Hush earplugs’, a pair of wireless earplugs that not only blocks out the noise from your surroundings to give you peaceful sleep, but also wakes you up with its in-built alarm that you can customize via the accompanying iOS and Android apps on your smartphone.

You can also control these earplugs to play soothing ambient sounds for a more enjoyable rest.

Made with memory form and silicone padding for a comfortable fit, the Hush earplugs are designed for those who yearn for a quick and peaceful retreat amidst a noisy environment, such as travelers and students.

Check out the Hush smart earplugs, which has successfully reached its Kickstarter goal, in the video and images below.

[via 6sqft, images via Kickstarter]

Delightful Stunt Shows A Billboard Cleaner Controlling A Wiper With ‘Magic’

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To promote the Quebec City Magic Festival back in August, Montreal-based ad agency lg2 came up with a delightful little stunt that perfectly fit the magic theme.

In the ‘Magic Mop’ stunt, a billboard cleaner appeared to control a wiper that was floating through the air with telekinesis. The clever display of ‘magic’ certainly got passers-by and motorists all eyes, eliciting smiles and laughter.

Check out the whimsical stunt below. What do you think—isn’t it a creative way of promoting the festival?

[via Adweek, video via obeybern]

Animal Rights Activists Hold Funeral For A Frozen Chicken In A Grocery Store

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Animal rights activists Direct Action Everywhere had staged a funeral for a frozen chicken in a grocery store in California.

The group came dressed in black clothing, holding flowers in their hands, while grieving for a frozen chicken that has been placed in a casket, which was assembled in front of the store’s meat department.

The coffin was then carried through the store, while the activists chanted their mantra, “It’s not food, it’s violence”—the ceremony was only successfully stopped when the police arrived.

Watch the entire funeral in the video below.

[via Elite Daily, The Blaze, image via video screenshot]

10 Photographers To Follow This Week

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Armed with their cameras, lenses—and perhaps, smartphones—these talented photographers capture compelling images of amazing places and wonderful things. These are the people with stories to tell, and they are inviting you to look through their discerning eyes. From the artistic to the commercial, the everyday to the extraordinary, these pictures are visual candies to sweeten up your day.

In our ‘Photographer of the Week’ series, you can live vicariously through these shutter-clicking story-tellers, whom you should be following on The Creative Finder.

If you are a photographer, illustrator or someone doing creative work, why not sign up at this professional portfolio network and share your work with other like-minded creatives.

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