27 February 2015

The Correct Ways To Pronounce Tricky Brand Names

Chances are, there are some brand names, especially ones in foreign languages, that you have trouble pronouncing.

Business Insider has recently created a useful video that teaches you how to correctly say the names of 15 brands that you may be pronouncing wrongly.

Featuring particularly tricky brand names like “Boehringer Ingelheim”, “Saucony” and “Hoegaarden”, watch the video below to get their correct pronunciations.

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[via Business Insider’s Facebook Page]

Spider-man’s Love Interest Gwen Stacy Returns In New Comic Book Series

Best known as Peter Parker's love interest before Mary Jane, who met her end in The Amazing Spider-Man issue #121, Gwen Stacy returns to the comic book world, very much alive.

A new Marvel Comics series introduces Stacy not as a damsel n distress, but as a paralell spider-woman in Spider-Gwen.

The new series, created by writer Jason Latour and artists Robbi Rodriguez and Rico Renzi, takes place on Earth-65, a different world from the regular Spider-Man, where the radioactive spider bit Stacy instead of Parker.

Head over to this website for more details.

[via Science Fiction]

Photographer Explores The Diverse Concept Of Family In Heartwarming Portraits

Brooklyn, New York

New York-based photographer Michele Crowe’s series ‘The Universal Family’ explores the diverse concept of family in the US.

Her series features inter-racial, same-sex and single-parent households, all bound by the thread of love and kinship.

“Everyone has a family in some shape or form, and I believe that support system to be one of the most important things in the world. A family can be big or small, blood related or not, same sex oriented or not and of course composed of people with similar or wildly different cultural backgrounds. I believe If you’re lucky, you truly understand that love has no boundaries,” she told My Modern Met.

Crowe is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to turn her project into a book.

Check out some portraits below and head over to Kickstarter to pledge for the series.

Brooklyn, New York

New Jersey (originally from Colombia)

Kinnelon, New Jersey

South Orange, New Jersey

Denver, Colorado

[via My Modern Met and Photojojo, images via The Universal Family]

Funny Video Teaches You How To Be A ‘Filmmaker’ In 32 Easy Steps

[Click here to view the video in this article]

YouTube channel IFHT, previously featured here, has released an amusing short that teaches you how to be a “filmmaker” in just 32 easy steps.

While some of their steps seem straightforward and idiot-proof, the team has sneakily added a few “tips” that might result in epic failures, such as ignoring glaring continuity errors and fixing everything “in post”.

Check out the video below.

[via Tastefully Offensive, images via video screenshots]

NSFW: Intriguing Images Of Nude Female Models Reflected In Mirrors

Photographer Alva Bernadine has an intriguing series titled ‘Round Mirrors’ featuring images of nude female models reflected in mirrors.

Bernadine, who specializes in erotic photography, sourced for subjects from her circle of “friends, acquaintances and volunteers from the internet.”

According to the photographer, she purchased the small, circular mirrors at a £1 shop and bought six without any inkling of what to do with them.

In each image, one or more mirrors reflect specific parts of a naked woman’s body back at her.

The surreal effect is similar to an optical illusion, playing tricks on the viewer’s eye.

View some images below.

[via Juxtapoz, images via Alva Bernadine]

Delightful 3D Drawings ‘Leap’ Off Pages To Interact With Real Life Objects

Italian artist Alessandro Diddi has created a series of mind-bending optical illusion artworks.

He uses separate sheets of paper to strategically intersect them together, cleverly making his two-dimensional drawings turn into three-dimensional characters.

Diddi often adds in real-life objects into his creations, making his drawings come alive.

Head over here to see more of his works.

[via My Modern Met, Alessandro Diddi]

Fascinating Video Shows Darkroom And Lighting Techniques Used Before Photoshop

[Click here to view the video in this article]

To celebrate Adobe’s 25th birthday, Lynda has created a video showing the darkroom and lighting techniques used before the invention of the software.

In the video, photographer Konrad Eek demonstrates dodging, burning and adding gradients to a print.

Watch the video below.

[via PetaPixel, video via lynda.com]

Artist Humorously Inserts Taylor Swift Albums Into Classical Artworks

Filipino artist, Eisen Bernard Bernardo pays tribute to Taylor Swift albums by incorporating them into paintings from the classical era.

The idea came to Bernardo when he was working on his previous project, Mag + Art, where he pairs fashion magazine covers with classical paintings.

Scroll down to see the final results of this interesting mash-up.

Album: 1989

Painting: Portrait of Edith by Egon Schiele

Album: Taylor Swift

Painting: La Belle Liseuse by Léon François Comerre

Album: Fearless

Painting: Good companions by Vittorio Reggianini

Album: Red

Painting: Judith with the Head of Holofernes by Lucas Cranach the Elder

Album: Speak Now

Painting: The helping hand by Emile Auguste Pinchart

[via Distractify]

Stylish Apple Watch Ads Look Straight Out Of A High Fashion Shoot

In anticipation of the Apple Watch’s release in April, Apple has unveiled a lavish 12-page spread in the March issue of Vogue.

The ads feature all three versions of the smart device: a luxurious 18-karat gold model, a sports model, and a standard one bound in leather.

In trademark Apple style, they are featured against plain white backgrounds but have a high fashion look, thanks to artfully shot angles and close-ups.

Check out the ads below.

[via Adweek]