30 November 2014

This Smartphone App Creates A Simple Mood Light For Your Room

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Using technology to do more than make virtual efficiencies, Lampp utilizes your smartphone to create something that one can enjoy in the physical world: a cheap mood light.

Barcelona-based startup Lampp has created The Lampp App. It is a simple mood lighting app on your smartphone with an accompanying bulb shade.

From your smartphone, you can create a splendid mood light for your bedroom (or anywhere). Through the app, you can select lighting of your color choice, appropriateness for the atmosphere, play music, and so on.

Watch how it works below:

LAMPP jordicanudas 2014 from Jordi Canudas on Vimeo.

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A Smart 'Mood Ring' That Tracks Your Moods During The Day

One Finnish startup known as Moodmetric has created something called the Smart Ring, the newest in wearable technology to monitor your moods and feelings.

The Moodmetric Smart Ring claims to be able to ‘read your emotions and send the info to your smartphone’. It takes the traditional ‘mood ring’ up several notches.

Containing a biometric sensor that can sense how you are feeling, updates are sent to your phone via Bluetooth. This helps one to track the entire range of moods they have experienced during the day.

According to Niina Venho, COO of Moodmetric, as told in an interview to the International Business Times: "It tracks your emotion levels and reactions. It measures the small changes in your skin which come from the autonomous nervous system reactions which can tell you about your emotional state".

The Smart Ring is expected to launch in 2015.

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A Geometric Cardboard 'Design House' For Your Cat To Play In

Belgium-based graphic designer Delphine Courier has designed the CatCube, a geometric nest for your cats to live and play in.

Made from recycled cardboard and designed and manufactured in Belgium, CatCube is positioned as ‘a design house for your cat’. It comes in several gorgeous designs and can provide hours of entertainment for your kitty.

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29 November 2014

Outlandish 'Christmas Suits' Inspired By The Designs Of Ugly Christmas Sweaters

This Christmas, online retailer Shinesty has created a line of suits inspired by the designs of horrendous Christmas sweaters.

Unveiling three designs, The Ugly Christmas Sweater Suit, the Holiday Tree Suit, and The Rudolph, these suits will make you the center of attention at your holiday party this season.

Shinesty prides itself on “bringing you the most outlandish collection of clothing the world has ever seen”, and these outlandish suits definitely fit the brief.

[via Laughing Squid]

28 November 2014

Man Invents A Giant Air Purifier For A City In Peru

In Lima, the notoriously polluted capital of Peru, a retired naval engineer by the name of Jorge Gutierrez has invented a giant air purifier and has placed it in Lima’s district of Jesus Maria.

The giant air purifier has been termed by Gutierrez as a “super tree”, and they include large billboards that act as giant air purifiers, or a filter of sorts, to absorb carbon dioxide and smog.

The clean air is then channelled into a section of the purifier, connected by tubes. What is shocking is the sheer, visible quantity of smog and contaminants that is collected as a result.

[via Design You Trust]

Mustard Ad Reminds You To Be Remembered For The Right Reasons This Christmas

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United Kingdom-based advertising agency adam&eveDDB has created an humorous online Christmas film for Maille mustard. It features a lady who reveals a little too much information to a young man, over dinner at Christmas.

In this film, a dinner party is going on. A young man and a lady are seated next to each other, and she begins to overshare the details of her ‘lovemaking’ during her recent trip to Greece.

The young man’s face changes from courtesy to horror as he sits through the cringe-worthy chat. The end tag reminds audiences to be remembered for the right reason by gifting gourmet Maille mustard. A hilarious strategy to boost mustard sales.

The film is directed by James Rouse, who also directed adam&eveDDB’s award winning Christmas campaign for retailer Harvey Nichols last year.

Watch the ad below:

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Fun Popcorn Maker That Makes You ‘Shake’ To Create Flavored Treats

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With this fun popcorn maker, prepping snacks for movie nights at home will never be the same again.

The ‘Maracas De Popcorn’ is a fun popcorn-making set that comes with a microwaveable bowl, together with two removable lollipop-like attachments that look like maracas.

After popping the corn kernels in the microwaveable bowl, simply throw a handful of popcorn into the “maracas” together with your preferred flavorings, such as butter or salt, and shake or dance away to mix them together.

The Maracas De Popcorn is available for purchase here.

Watch the video below to see the popcorn maker in action.

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Comprehensive Tea Chart Features 104 Different Types Of Tea In The World

Click on image to enlarge

Click on image to enlarge

This chart designed by Pop Chart Lab is a “tribute to the second-most-famous caffeinated beverage”.

Titled ‘The Taxonomical Tea Box’, the chart classifies 104 types of tea into seven categories—labeled Black, Green, Dark Oolong, White, Rooiobos and Yellow—organized by its country of origin.

Head over here to see the enlarged image of the chart, or purchase it at US$29 for a tea lover.

[via Laughing Squid, Pop Chart Lab]

Disturbingly Funny, Twisted Comics That Will Warp Your Mind

Spanish illustrator Joan Cornellà, who previously warped our minds with his hilariously absurd drawings, is back with more of his dark, twisted brand of humor.

Drawn in his distinctive style, Cornellà amazingly manages to craft complex and hysterical narratives in just a few panels.

Populated by characters caught in sticky situations, they range from a pair of armless men who are unable to hug, to a lonely man with a turd on his head Googling “who loves me?”

Equal parts disturbing and funny, they’re bound to make you laugh uncomfortably if they don’t traumatize you first.

Cap off your week with some sadistic comics below, and check out his blog for more.

[via It’s Nice That, images via Joan Cornellà]

VSCO For Mac, A Designer’s Concept

Fans of popular photo-editing app VSCO Cam would love the following concept idea by Netherlands-based designer Aziz Firat.

Debuting his series of the ‘iOS Apps I Wish My Mac Had’, is Firat’s visualization of VSCO Cam if it were available as a Mac program.

This side project was inspired by moments when he wished certain apps that were available on Android or iOS had a functioning Mac or web version.

Check out more here.

[via Aziz Firat]