30 November 2013

Artist Draws Everything He Remembers From Star Wars

USA-based artist and Star Wars fanJohn Hendrix has drawn an impressive illustration of all the characters and scenes from Star Wars that he can remember from memory.

In the words of the artist himself, “I can never repay George Lucas for what Star Wars gave me. Star Wars is so close to my heart, I honestly couldn’t decide what image to make for this show, it was just all too important. So I just decided to draw everything… from memory.”

This illustration was on display earlier this year at the A Saga in the Stars: A Tribute to a Galaxy Far, Far Awaygroup art show at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, California.

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Say Goodbye To That Mustache, December 1 Has Been Declared 'National Shave Day'

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Advertising agency Droga5 New York and shaving brand Harry’s have created a fictional holiday on December 1, calling it “National Shave Day”.

November was a month for growing that Movember mustache in support of mens’ health, but as we approach December, it is time to say goodbye to the mustache.

In this video that promotes the campaign National Shave Day, a man by the name of Dan Madinabeitia has an honest chat with his mustache alter ego in the mirror, and then eventually shaves it all off.

See how that conversation went below:

[via Adweek]

Award-Obsessed Advertising People Who Make Clothing For Their Trophies

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Canada-based advertising agency TAXI has created a humorous self-promotion video that makes fun of the advertising industry’s obsession with awards.

Using the idea of “The Advertising Trophy Clothing Company”, this short video shows a pretend ‘craftsman’ who makes intricate and detailed outfits out of Okinawan denim for Cannes Lions trophies.

Taking obsession to a whole new level, this guy even poses his awards in photoshoots and tries to disguise a silver award in gold.

Watch it for yourself below:

[via TAXI]

29 November 2013

Give Us Your Best Caption: Deep Into The Mountain Sound

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Today’s ‘Image of the Day’ belongs to Pim Schaaf. Congratulations!

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To help you start on the right foot every morning, DesignTAXI will be featuring an image every day from Imgembed, a platform that promotes the fair use of online images, to keep you inspired.

Often described as the 'farmers market for images', Imgembed lets bloggers and web publishers use images fairly and ethically, directly from creators.

In this segment ‘Image of the Day’, you—our very lovely readers—are invited to submit captions to describe the image above: simply tweet it with the page's URL and hashtag #tellapictale, or leave a comment below.

Winning captions will be featured the following day.

Yesterday's winning caption goes to Holly Lolly Marriott: "Just keep swimming."

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A Book That Is Designed To Be Destroyed

Sometimes in order to create, you have to destroy, and this concept applies to ‘The Doberman Variations’, a book of photography by Oona LurĂ¥s Wiggan that documents the performance of the same name by musicians Roadside Picnic.

Justin Wiggan of Roadside Picnic performed ‘The Doberman Variations’ at four different arts events in Norway this year, and the book is filled with poignant, black-and-white captures of his shows.

“The Doberman Variations was a live investigation into the possible connecting theme of three unsupposedly disconnected topics based on the artist’s obsession of Grace Jones, Dobermans and abandoned theme parks”, reads a description on the website.

If you’re one to keep your books neatly stowed away on a book shelf, this book prompts you to do something different—rip it apart completely.

By tearing the book apart and rearranging the mosaic of paper, a password that contains the link to download video and audio recordings will be revealed. Read about it here.

[via The Doberman Variations and Roadside Picnic]

A Book Of Animal Logos Of Design Companies From All Over The World

UK-based multi-disciplinary design studio Leterme Dowling has compiled animal logos of various companies from around the world, to create a book.

Containing 266 symbols, the book entitled ‘Animal Logo: Trademaarks and Symbols’ features logos of world renown design companies that bear animals—from lions to birds and fish—and are neatly categorized for easy referral.

Ideal for any logo lover and designer, the book takes you around the world, in 266 animal logos of design companies.

[via Leterme Dowling]

Famous Company Logos Placed On Products They Do Not Normally Make

We know that Tic Tacs and M&Ms are candies, but IIyia Kalimulin has placed these logos on dynamite and bullets.

Part of her “Unexpected Products” series, Kalimulin shows that both a good logo and product are instrumental in marketing, and that one cannot be without the other.

View these weird and incongruous products below.

[via Revision.ru and Fer 1972]

Photographs Of Candid Moments In Subways Around The World

Photographer Stan Raucher takes pictures while riding subways in different cities around the world, making up a poignant series titled “Metro”. He has since photographed more than a dozen cities on four continents.

“I felt like a citizen of the world as I observed the diversity of passengers reading newspapers in many different languages,” he said about his first experience riding the subway in New York after moving there from Minnesota.

Raucher is intrigued by people going about their lives, and his photographs capture tender moments amid the daily grind. Although he uses an SLR camera in plain view, he says that people rarely take notice.

“Glimpses of the human condition emerge as individuals interact with one another and their surroundings. An expressive gesture, a telling glance, a concealed mood or hidden emotion may suddenly materialize and then vanish in a split-second,” he said.

[via Slate and Stan Raucher]