20 March 2016

Best Free alternatives to Placeit.net

Placeit is a great service that lets you instantly mockup screens in devices. Unfortunately, Placeit.net gets very expensive.

There is a free option that allows you to download a small version with an unlimited license but the size is only 400×300 px. After that size it suddenly becomes very expensive. An unlimited license for a large photo 1920 x 1440px costs $8 and super high quality photo 3300 x 2475 costs $28. At that point, you might as well hire a graphic designer.

Don’t worry we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite free alternatives to Placeit.net

Smartmockups mockup


Smartmockups is one of our favorite competitors to Placeit. They allow you to mock up screens in desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, and watch devices. All images can be downloaded at full resolution and come with a royalty-free license. This means there are no restrictions on where you use the image or what project. You can use them on both the web and print. They even give you four sizes to choose from to download!

Smartmockups has the largest library of the images and is the closest to Placeit even though they don’t do video or apparel.



MockDrop is built by Maximilian Beck. It has a decent collection of images for a smartphone, laptop, desktop, watch, and tablet. MockDrop allows you to upload the image and process in your browser. The size of the images you can download changes depending on the image you choose.

Mockups Jar

Mockups Jar

Mockups Jar allows you to create photorealistic mockups. Like the other services they make it easy to create proof of concept for your app or website. They give you a bit more flexibility over Mockup Jar with the ability to sort images by Iphone, Android, Macbook, frames, and flat desktop browsers. It was created by the folks at Icenodes kudos to them!

Magic Mockups

Magic Mockups

Magic Mockups is another real life mockup generator. Like the other options the images are uploaded and then you can download a high-resolution image. Magic Mockups has less image options than Smartmockups with only 24 images to choose from. There are a few unique images that are worth checking out if you are getting stuck with the other photo libraries.

flat iphone 6 mockup templates

Photoshop Mockups

If you just need a plane photoshop file to mock up we have a huge roundup of the best Photoshop mockup design templates. You can grab free downloadable files for Photoshop, Sketch, and Adobe Illustrator. There are both photorealistic, flat, and wireframe files.