31 December 2012

Web Game Puts Your Eyes To A Color Test

Interactive designers Maria Munuera and Mark Mckay have developed a web game that puts your eyes to a color test.

Simply called ‘Color’, players are required to match exact colors from a color wheel.

The levels start easily with hues and saturation, but the difficulty level rises to more challenging analogous and triadic colors.

Click herehere to play the game!

[via Color]

Give Us Your Best Caption: Toast To The New Year!!

Today’s ‘Image of the Day’ belongs to Tommy Ewasko. Congratulations!

To help you get off on the right foot every morning, DesignTAXI will be featuring an image everyday from its social network for creatives, The Creative Finder, to keep you inspired.

In this segment ‘Image of the Day’, you—our very lovely readers—are invited to submit captions to describe the selected image above: just simply tweet it with the page's URL and hashtag #tellapictale, or leave a comment at the bottom.

Winning captions would be featured the following day.

Yesterday’s winning caption goes to

Irene H. Owen: “ Building without a solid foundation and system structure will surely fail, like a house of cards even if you are using legos.”

30 December 2012

Informative Portraits Of Famous People Drawn With A Single Continuous Line

Self-taught French artist Pierre Emmanuel Godet painstakingly etch out complex and intricate portraits of pop culture icons with one continuous line.

Using only a pen and paper, he completes each portrait in a single, long stroke—looking closely, one would also find that each portrait is made up of objects, shapes and stories that relates to the subject.

Starting his unique series in 2010, the artist has already drawn quite a number of famous faces, including Andy Warhol, Mozart, Marilyn Monroe and even Batman and The Joker.

Head over to his website for more of his amazing one-line portraits.

[via Daily Mail]

A Bottle That Collects Sounds To Create Personalized Soundtracks

[Click here to view the video in this article]

Just like collecting fireflies in a jar, the ‘Re: Sound Bottle’ is a device that lets you collect sounds and noises, which you can turn into personalized soundtracks.

Designed by Jun Fijiwara, the device works by simply uncorking the bottle—if sound is present, it enters ‘recording mode’ and automatically saves the sound.

As more sounds are recorded, an audio database will be formed, creating rhythmic tracks—just like a mini robot DJ.

To listen to the sounds that you have collected, uncork the bottle again and wait for your soundtrack to play.

According to Fijiwara, he hopes for the Re: Sound Bottle to help people to interact more directly with music by recording the sounds they encounter in their daily life.

Click to watch the video below:

[via Vimeo]

An Embroidered Cape Made Of Golden Spider Web

It took three years for textile expert Simon Peers and fashion designer Nicholas Godley to create this beautiful embroidered cape that is made of golden spider silk (web).

Working with a team of more than 80 people—including spider handlers—they spent three years looking for golden orb spiders across Madagascar, where the both Peers and Godley reside.

A total of 1.2 million spiders were caught—each harnessed and milked to produce between 100-160 feet of thread—sometimes up to 400 yards, before being released back to nature.

The extraordinary golden silk was hand-twisted together to form unbreakable threads before hand-woven on looms to produce the stunning cape.

"I hate sounding pretentious, but what we wanted to do here was produce something that was a work of art. I feel like what we’ve produced in some ways is more exceptional because of the extraordinary amount of effort that went into it. If we were doing all of this to make money, I could think of much, much easier ways to do it,” shares Godley.

[via Godley and Peers]

Incredible Photo-Realistic Portraits Made Of Wire Mesh

Korean artist Seung Mo Park has turned wire mesh into an unlikely canvas for her art by using it to create amazing photo-realistic portraits.

After superimposing a photograph onto layers of mesh with a projector, he would then snip away at the wire mesh to create areas of light and shadow—the resulting artworks look uncannily like black and white photographs.

The artist has even produced a stunning re-creation of the famous Mona Lisa—see below for more of his beautiful works:

[via Lost At E Minor]

Pixar Artist Designs 365 New Superheroes

Mr. Whisper

Like most people, Pixar artist Everett Downing has a New Year’s resolution—his resolution is to finish the project that he started three years ago—designing 365 brand new superheroes by 2013.

For the project called ‘365 Supers’, Downing’s initial plan was to create 365 new heroes for each day of the year—however according to Downing he said that he got into a “rut” and was unable to accomplish his goal.

“…I wasn’t drawing enough and a friend told me I was over-thinking things,” Downing told Wired, “I just needed to do something I was really into that wouldn’t require too much thinking.”

“I started thinking about designing superheroes and the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to do it. I threw the gauntlet down and decided to draw a super every day.”

Downing also added that the project helped him in terms of creativity: “It helped me loosen up—I was getting stagnant in my drawing. I was reluctant to take risks.”

“When you’re really tense, you’re not as flexible; it’s not as easy to get back to things. When you’re loose, if you fall down you bounce back up. If you’re tense, something will break.”

Downing has created 289 superheroes so far and he hopes to complete the project by 2013.

Check out some of his works below:

Blue Diamond

Shock and Awesome

Kid Comet

Gentleman Pugilist





The Undertaker

The Nutcracker

The Man Handler

[via Wired and Everett Downing]