30 April 2015

Infographic: The Best Careers For Introverts And Extroverts

Some jobs are suitable for individuals who are thoughtful and enjoy working independently, while other careers fit well with out-going individuals who prefer lots of human interaction and social gatherings.

Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, the infographic below will help you determine the career best suited to your personality type.

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[via Visual.ly, image via Career Assessment Site]

Starbucks Opens Its First Express Service Outlet In New York

Starbucks is expanding its already ubiquitous presence in New York with the opening of its first express service outlet in the city’s Financial District.

Located at 14 Wall Street across from the New York Stock Exchange, the “espresso shot” store caters to busy executives in the area who pop in to grab a cuppa to go.

While normal Starbucks outlets are designed to provide an immersive coffee drinking experience and as places where people come together, this express store adopts a streamlined format with an emphasis on quick service and efficiency.

Its compact 538-square-foot space meant the design team had to be creative in utilizing every inch of it, while ensuring a fast and convenient experience for customers.

Upon entering the outlet, customers are greeted and have their order taken by an employee with a handheld device, while mobile point-of-sales help to minimize waiting times.

Four low-glare monitors display the menu, which has been specially tailored for New York customers.

The sleek wood paneling creates a warm and inviting, yet sophisticated atmosphere for customers to relax in while waiting for their coffee.

Check out more photos of the outlet below.

[via urdesignmag, images via Starbucks Newsroom]

‘Pixel Thoughts’, An Online Meditation Tool To Help You Clear Your Mind

If you’re feeling stressed out and need some time to clear your head, be sure to check out ‘Pixel Thoughts’, a new online mediation tool.

The site will lead you through a simple 60-second meditation that will leave you feeling at peace. Simply input what’s currently bothering you and follow the instructions that appear.

It will ask you to relax, watch your thoughts and take deep breaths—while reassuring you that everything is ok and that “life is much grander” than your current problems.

With its calming music and soothing words, it’ll definitely melt whatever negative thoughts you may have.

Try it for yourself here.

[via Reddit, images via Pixel Thoughts]

Steve Jobs’ NeXT, Apple And Pixar Business Cards From 1984 To 1990

The Marin School has recently put up an auction for three vintage business cards of the late Steve Jobs.

These cards were collected from 1984 to 1990 by a family who used to do catering for the late Apple CEO—the collection consists of his position as a president of NeXT, chairman of Apple Computer, and chairman of Pixar.

The online auction currently stands at a leading bid of US$1,005, and will end on 7 May 2015—interested collectors can continue bidding for it at a gala event organized by the school afterwards. All proceeds will benefit The Marin School.

Scroll down for a closer look at Steve Job’s business cards from his various jobs.

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[via Business Insider, Bidding For Good]

Disconcerting Interactive Film Addresses Unwanted Sexual Behavior

[Click here to view the video in this article]

Previously, Transport for London (TfL), the Metropolitan Police Service, British Transport Police and City of London Police launched the campaign ‘Project Guardian’ to tackle unwanted sexual behavior and sexual assault on London’s public transportation system.

Recently, these partners launched a new campaign created by M&C Saatchi titled ‘Report It to Stop It’.

The highlight of the campaign is a 70-second interactive film that puts the viewer in the shoes of a victim of unwanted sexual behavior.

At each instance of the assaults, the viewer has the option of reporting the behavior by clicking ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

According to Little Black Book, TfL’s Mandy Courtney commented, “90% of unwanted sexual behavior on London transport goes unreported. Working with our policing partners we wanted to reassure the public through this communications campaign that we take every sexual incident seriously no matter what has happened. Sometimes people feel embarrassed to talk about it, but by reporting unwanted sexual behavior you can help to stop it”.

You can view the non-interactive version below, or click here to learn more about the campaign and participate in the interactive film.

[via Little Black Book, video via Transport for London]

Vintage Apple Fonts Show The Brand Has Always Been Serious About Typography

In a recent piece for Macworld, writer Christopher Phin explores the vintage corporate fonts used by Apple.

Looking at Apple's use of Garamond, Myriad and the lesser known Motter Tektura, he reveals how Apple fonts have always been as classy as its products.

An interesting fact is how the bite out of the Apple logo was designed to fit around the lower-case ‘A’ of the Motter Tektura font.

You can read more at this website.

[via Macworld]

Fun Interactive Book’s Plot Takes Place In The Exact Location Of Its Reader

[Click here to view the video in this article]

As part of its ‘365 Reasons To Smile’ campaign, Brazilian loyalty program Smiles has released a fun video to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

The company collaborated with São Paulo-based agency FCB Brazil on an interactive book featuring a storyline tied to its reader’s location via GPS. This means that the book makes references to the city or place the reader is in as he progresses through the novel.

An innovative combination of paper and technology, we think it’s a brilliant way of creating a unique reading experience for travelers.

Watch the ad below.

[via Ads of the World, video via FCB Brasil]

This Designer’s Instagram Will Be A Delight To Fans Of All Things Minimalist

Photographer and graphic designer Peechaya Burroughs’ Instagram feed will be a delight to fans of all things minimalist.

With most of her creations using only paper, the Sydney-based creative’s images exude vibrant simplicity.

Check out some of her works below and head on over here for more.

{ where the heart goes } -double tap- #idea_in_picture

A photo posted by peechaya burroughs (@pchyburrs) on Jan 26, 2014 at 8:22pm PST

{ light } #idea_in_picture

A photo posted by peechaya burroughs (@pchyburrs) on Apr 8, 2015 at 6:59am PDT

{ cloudy } #WHPcolorplay #idea_in_picture

A photo posted by peechaya burroughs (@pchyburrs) on Apr 12, 2015 at 9:41pm PDT

{ ❤️ } muddy puddles . #WHPinteractivegrams

A photo posted by peechaya burroughs (@pchyburrs) on Feb 16, 2014 at 9:02pm PST

{ disguise } #idea_in_picture

A photo posted by peechaya burroughs (@pchyburrs) on Apr 19, 2014 at 10:34pm PDT

{ in your skin } #idea_in_picture

A photo posted by peechaya burroughs (@pchyburrs) on Apr 8, 2015 at 6:59am PDT

🎶I'm older than yesterday🎶 #idea_in_picture

A photo posted by peechaya burroughs (@pchyburrs) on Jun 16, 2014 at 6:15pm PDT

[via Ufunk, images via Peechaya Burroughs]