31 July 2014

Drones Imitate Humans By Taking Funny Mirror Selfies

Italian artist group IOCOSE’s recent work with drones feels like a witty stab at today’s selfie-obsessed culture.

In their project ‘Drone Selfies’, IOCOSE made a group of drones photograph themselves in front of a mirror, almost imitating humans that hog mirrors for their selfies.

IOCOSE told The Creator’s Project that their project mirrors today’s selfie culture as their drones are “presenting their own images, taking photos to create and promote their public image.”

Take a look at their work below.

[via Junk Culture, Images via IOCOSE]

Macro Photos Reveal Stunning, Rugged 'Landscapes' Found Inside Of Gemstones

Photomicrographer Danny Sanchez looked for rejected gems that contain unwanted particles in them, otherwise known as ‘inclusions’.

For his project called ‘Gemstone Inclusions’, Sanchez peeked into the interior of these defected gems with a microscope, revealing a landscape filled with colorful rough ridges.

To create his stunning macro shots of the gems, Sanchez worked with three light sources, a motorized steeping rig, and specialized software that allows him to stack multiple images to render depth.

Check out his work below, or head to his website for more, where you may also purchase prints of his work.

[via PetaPixel, Images by Danny Sanchez]

Lovely Graphite Sketches Show What Lies Outside The Frames Of Vintage Photos

Artist Lauren King brings a new sense of life into the landscapes featured in vintage photos by imagining the scenery that extends beyond its white frames.

King, whose style is similar to this piece of work we featured earlier, extends the landscape beyond the frame by sketching scenes in graphite, presumably to match the black and white tones in the vintage photos.

Her work blends with the photos rather seamlessly—she matches the rocks, trees and buildings in the original photos in her drawings, making it seem like her graphite drawings were part of the original photos all along.

Take a look at King’s impressive work below.

[via Beautiful/Decay, Images by Lauren King via Spencer Studio]

Dad And Eight-Year-Old Son Create Food Puns Shaped As US States

The creator of Foodiggity.com Chris Durso and his eight-year-old son has created “The Foodnited States of America”.

The project was initiated by Chris' son, who suggested adding funny names to the states made of food—such that the food used to shape the state would be incorporated into its name.

For instance New York was shaped using meat jerky, which would then be renamed as New Jerky, and Califonia shaped from the vegetable kale, taking on the name Kaleifornia.

Find more state food pun creations on his Instagram account, interested readers can also contribute suggestions on his Facebook page.

[via Foodiggity, images via Foodiggity Instagram]

Artists Send Up A Barbeque Grill Over A Man-Made Lava Stream

[Click here to view the video in this article]

London-based creative partners Sam Bompas and Harry Parr, whom we have featured earlier here, are back again with another food-related project called ‘Cooking With Lava’.

This time, Bompas and Parr tried to cook two slabs of ribeye steaks and two ears of corn by placing a grill over a stream of man-made lava created by two professors from Syracuse University.

As the lava flowed under the grill, the corn was visibly charred, while the steaks appeared to be well-done.

Take a look at their cooking adventure in the video below.

[via Neatorama]

Artist Creates Self-Portrait Using Discarded, Non-Recyclable Plastic Caps

Chicago-based artist Mary Ellen Croteau has created a beautiful portrait of herself using discarded non-recycled plastic caps.

The art piece is made from petroleum which does not decompose and would be costly for recycling—it serves as a demonstration of the shocking amount of trash that we consume produce.

Find more of the artist's works here.

[via Lifebuzz, images via Mary Ellen Croteau]

This Is What A 1970s Personal Underground Bunker Of A Millionaire Looks Like

Back in 1978, one American millionaire by the name of Girard “Jerry” B. Henderson was so fearful about the threat of nuclear attacks from the USSR that he built his own safeplace under the bustling streets of Las Vegas.

He built a luxurious bunker 26 feet beneath Las Vegas. It is accessible by either a hidden staircase in a shed or a elevator hidden behind some rocks.

The bunker is really an entire house spanning 15,200 square feet, complete with a lawn, landscaping, fake trees, hot tubs, a barbecue, a putting green, and a 360-degree mural of "outside" imagery.

Its custom fitted lighting also simulates day and night, complete with stars.

So convinced Henderson was of nuclear attacks, he even started a company called “Underground World Homes.”

Today, this house is for sale at USD $1.7 million.

[via Architizer]

A Spectacular Lotus-Shaped Building That Sits On A Lake In China

Melbourne-based architecture studio studio505 has designed an impressive lotus-shaped conference center in Wujin, the Southern district of Changzhou in China.

Costing an estimated AUD $12 million, the design boasts three forms of lotus, fitted with incredible, curving architecture and spectacular lights. It sits in the center of an artificial lake.

The project is currently underway, residing in the 3.5 hectare Lotus Park, which is designed to be a new cultural icon and hub in Wujin.

When completed, it will be home to a Grand Theatre for 1000 patrons, a cinema complex, sports halls, and educational youth palace for 4,000 students.

View more pictures of the Lotus conference centre below.

[via Fubiz]