31 August 2013

A Unique Armchair Made Of Foam Blocks That Fits Everybody Comfortably

Milan-based industrial designer Marta Szymkowiak has designed a unique armchair that is suitable for the shape and size of any human body.

Named Manet, it is constructed out of long, soft blocks of polyurethane foam. It matches the shape of each individual body, so everybody can find a comfortable position.

It also can be used as a bit of a shelving unit where books can be positioned between blocks. Just be careful not to let any food near the armchair.

[via Marta Szymkowiak]

A Sleek, Copper 'Prohibition Kit' That Lets You To Produce Your Own Liquor

Vienna-based industrial designer Francesco Morackini has designed a sleek liquor-distilling kit for home use.

It is called The Prohibition Kit, and it comprises of four ordinary household objects: a cooking pot, a fondue stove, a fruit bowl and a watering can.

These objects can be used together as a set to make your own alcohol at home.

Examining the culture of the world, she noted that producing liquor in your own home is against the law in most countries. By working on this project, she wanted to explore the limits of the law.

The entire set is fully made of copper, based on the inspiration from ancient times.

[via Dezeen]

Fascinating Artworks That Look Like They Are Trying To Escape Their Frames

Japanese artist Yuki Matsueda creates fascinating art where works pop out of frames and box enclosures, seemingly coming close to penetrating the viewer’s space.

His works are a combination of 3D sculptures and paintings. Commonly known items, such as exit icons, playing cards, and even eggs are manipulated to look like one part is separated from the other.

A central theme of Matseuda’s work seems to be about ‘escape’, and it seems to show a certain type of rebelliousness where an object is trying to ‘run away’.

View some of his sleek and hyper-realistic work below:

[via Visual News]

A Stainless Steel Magazine Rack That Also Doubles As A Chair

England-based Korean designer Seung Han Lee has designed a brilliant magazine rack that also doubles up as a chair.

Named the Magazine Rack Chair, it incorporates stainless steel rails built into the chair where various publications act as individual hangers.

Every magazine can be easily retrieved without having to move around too much.

If you have too many magazines in your house and are looking for a solution, this Magazine Rack Chair might just solve your problems. Be warned, this might not be the most comfortable chair to sit on.

[via CJWHO]

For Bacon Day, Ford Offers New Buyers An Option To Wrap Their Car In Bacon

In honor of International Bacon Day today, car makers Ford have decided to celebrate their favorite meat—by offering new car buyers a chance to add a side of bacon to their purchase, if they desire it.

To order a side of bacon with your new car, go to Ford’s dedicated microsite that allows you to customize just how you want it. You can choose from wrapping your entire car in bacon, or just having carefully positioned bacon racing stripes.

The bacon add-ons start at USD$78 and are available for a limited time only, so if you would like to have your car with some bacon on top, be sure to act fast.

[via TIME]

A New 'Social Camera' That Makes It Easy To Take Pictures At Any Occasion

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Scandinavia-based friends, Joe, Brandon and Andrea have come together to create something interesting, a first of its kind. They have created theQ, a new kind of social camera.

TheQ is a camera designed for easy shareability with friends, through social networks. With TheQ, your every photograph you snap can be easily edited with filters, touched-up and then shared on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr wirelessly.

Technical features such as being able to contain a 3G SIM Card, a fully waterproof body, and a ring flash incorporated into the camera design makes it a camera that will be completely suitable for any social occasion.

Watch the video below to understand how theQ works:

[via Uncrate]

30 August 2013

A 300-Year-Old House Transformed Into A Minimalist Modern Home

Tel Aviv-based firm Pitsou Kedem Architects has transformed a 300-year-old house into stunning modern home.

Located in the ancient port city of Jaffa, Israel, the recently renovated property is a beautiful mix of the old and the new—known for their minimalist approach, the architectural firm has managed to keep the historical feel of the house without turning it into a time capsule.

Its sparsely furnished, almost futuristic interiors creates an interesting contrast with the original arches and exposed old stone walls—the serene 180 square meters residence is also designed to maximise access to the breath-taking sea view.

View more images of this lovely home below.

[via The Cool Hunter]

Designer Creates A Flexible Lamp That You Can Sleep On

German design student Simon Frambach added a simple twist to the common house lamp to turn it into a more interesting appliance that can fit into small spaces.

Fashioned from foamed polyurethane, the soft, light lamp can fit into nooks and crannies around the house.

With its soft texture and gourd-like shape, you can even rest on it comfortably and feel its warmth.

“To me it is fascinating how one little alteration can really change the whole concept of a product that surrounds us”, said Frambach.

[via iGNANT, images via Simon Frambach]