30 November 2012

Give Us Your Best Caption: Thank God It's Friday!

To help you get off on the right foot every morning, DesignTAXI will be featuring an image everyday from its social network for creatives, The Creative Finder, to keep you inspired.

In this segment ‘Image of the Day’, you—our very lovely readers—are invited to submit captions to describe the selected image: just simply tweet it with the page's URL and hashtag #tellapictale, or leave a comment at the bottom.

Winning captions would be featured the following day.

Today’s ‘Image of the Day’ belongs to Chris Clor. Congratulations!

How would you describe this image?

Yesterday’s winning caption goes to Markus Laumann: “Performing for Sauron always gave Jim the heebie jeebies...”

Fantastic 3D Illusion Street Art

Madrid-based street artist Eduardo Relero is not only a talented 3D illusionist but an enthralling storyteller as well.

Using techniques of anamorphosis, he creates unbelievably realistic illusions of fantastical scenes—that takes place in what appears to be holes in the ground.

While other 3D artists are content for their art to entertain, Relero often weave thought-provoking storylines into his artworks.

For instance, his recent contribution to the Sarasota Chalk Festival feature a piece that depicts a ringmaster—with whip in hand—playing patient to a psychiatrist who is a lion.

See below for more of his amazing work.

[via Cats That Look Like Pin-Up Girls]

Feel Different Textures With This 'Virtual Reality' Smartphone

Japan-based Italian designer Andrea Ponti has created a concept mobile phone that allow users to feel different textures.

Called the ‘LG Touch’, it is a 'virtual reality' smartphone with a raised touch screen that is capable of morphing in 3D, thanks to micro-shock waves traveling through its polymer membrane surface.

According to Ponti, he said that with its tactile feedback, vision impaired and elderly users will have an easier time interacting and using the smartphone by using their sense of touch.

Even users who shop online will be able to feel textures of fabrics by touching the embossed image at the bottom of the screen.

“…Everyone will benefit from the unprecedented level of interaction and dual feedback—visual and tactile,” Ponti said in a statement.

This state-of-the-art concept was awarded the grand prize in LG’s ‘Mobile Design Competition 2012’.

[via Andrea Ponti]

Adorable Cats Posing Like Pin-Up Girls

We never thought that cats and pin-up girls have anything in common—until now.

Australian clothing company Hurly-Burly has created a Tumblr blog that feature exclusively cats that look like pin-up girls.

Matching pictures of illustrated pin-up girls with photographs of cats caught in uncannily similar poses, the site would provide a much-needed dose of entertainment—and cuteness—during a dreary work day.

Scroll down for more images of cats who are working it like pin-up girls—without the skimpy outfits, of course.

[via Cats That Look Like Pin-Up Girls]

Japanese Coffee Artist Creates Art In A Cup

Osaka, Japan-based coffee artist Kazuki Yamamoto creates beautiful and creative latte art in cups that makes people stare in awe the drink.

From the Starbucks logo to Pac-Man and cute cartoon characters, the talented Yamamoto creatively draws and concocts the images using the foam of steamed milk and coffee.

Something to try your hand at while enjoying your next hot cuppa, perhaps?

[via Kazuki Yamamoto and Toxel ]

App Censors NSFW Pictures With Strategically Placed Pixels

There is now an app that will allow you to create those titillating censored pictures found in scandalous tabloid stories.

The “Nudifier” app will allow you to place blurred pixels strategically over your picture to cover up the naughty, NSFW bits.

However, the app was created more as a prankster tool than for covering up genuine NSFW images—in a few quick steps, you can transform a perfectly ordinary picture of your friend making coffee into a candid shot of a pants-less situation.

Whether you are using the app to make raunchy pictures shareable on social media or just to play a few harmless pranks, this app should be fun to mess around with.

Download it here for free.

[via Nudifier]

Facebook App Lets You Warn Your Friends That They’re Annoying

[Click here to view the video in this article]

A free app for Facebook lets you warn your friends that they’re online actions are annoying.

In ‘Defriendtion’, the app posts a detention note-style on your friend’s Timeline.

Though the app (sadly) doesn’t restrict your friend’s content in anyway, it’s a fun tool to let your friends know that their behavior on Facebook is ‘annoying’ or ‘questionable’.

[via Defriendtion]