31 March 2013

Jesus As A Zombie In ‘The Walking Dead’

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In honor of Easter and the season 3 finale of ‘The Walking Dead’, New York-based freelance creative director and writer Scott Kaplan—together with Mike Luzzi, Joey McCormick, Tim Leitner, Drew Fuccillo and Joe Barone—created an animated short.

The humorous short entitled ‘He Walks Again’ brings together the resurrection of Jesus—which is celebrated by Christians all over the world on Easter Sunday—and the season finale of ‘The Walking Dead’.

Check out the mash-up below:

[via The Inspiration Room]

Apple’s Most Memorable Ads Over The Last 35 Years

Business publication Forbes has put up a collection of Apple’s most unforgettable ads on its website that neatly tracks the evolution of the tech giant’s advertising strategies over the last 35 years.

From the Apple II in 1977 to the App Store in 2009, both the design and content of its ads has changed dramatically.

At the beginning, the company appealed to the consumer with wordy ads that try to convince them of a personal computer’s merits—by the late 1990s, the ads have became minimalist with short but powerful taglines, including “Chic. Not Geek” and the iconic “Think Different”.

Despite these changes, the underlining message of Apple’s ads has remained rather consistent—that is, to revolutionalize the way we use technology.

For those who remember some of these earlier ads, scroll down for a trip down memory lane back to the time when an iPod was the coolest thing to own.

[via Forbes]

Google Makes Searching For ‘Smells’ Possible

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What’s that smell? Or what do wet dogs smell like? Now you can Google it.

Google has just announced its newest addition to Search: Google Nose.

The new ‘scentsational’ tool lets users search for smells.

Users can also explore the Google ‘Aromabase’ which contains more than 15 million ‘scentibytes’.

JUST KIDDING! This is a just another one of Google’s pranks the tech giant never fails to pull on 1 April every year.

April Fool’s! Have you got punked yet?

[via Google Nose]

Designers Turn IKEA Stool Into A Bicycle

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Designers Andreas Bhend and Samuel N. Bernier have teamed up to take DIY furniture projects to a whole new level.

Using IKEA’s ‘FROSTA’ stool, the designers ‘hacked’ it and used its parts to create a bicycle.

Bhend—who previously designed IKEA-style hacking instruction manuels—also created a manual for this project—allowing readers to build their own IKEA stool-bicycle.

Besides the bicycle, the designers also created a sled using the same set of materials.

Click to watch the video below:

[via Andreas Bhend and Samuel N. Bernier]

30 March 2013

Photoshop ‘Fail’, North Korea's Attempt To Doctor Images

North Korea’s Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) has been found to have distributed doctored photos of its marine military exercise (as above).

The photo was created to show the ‘prowess’ of the North Korean people.

News wire, Agence France-Presse (AFP), stated that the North is actually getting better with regard to such capabilities. Usually, according to the AFP, “a very simple examination with” their software “dismisses KCNA pictures.”

Now, however, it took a much longer time to realize that something was wrong with the image.

[via Petapixel.com]

‘Overcast’: An Adorable Animated Film About A Man Followed By A Cloud

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Bringing to life the phrase, 'don't rain on my parade' is James Lancett and Sean Weston'sshort film, ‘Overcast.’

The bite-sized clip is about a blue animated character who is followed around everywhere by a cloud, that won't leave him alone.

The video boasts a simple yet effective storyline and skill of the animators in combining live action and animation.

You can enjoy the video below:

[via Doobybrain.com]

‘Rubber Barber’ Erasers That Allow You To Play Hairdresser

Designer Chen Lu Wei knows how to make a simple, everyday item become a keen focus of joy.

He designed for Megawing.com.tw, a simple eraser that has a face at its center, surrounded by a colored square.

As one uses the colored square to erase something, the face progressively gets surrounded by unique a ‘hairstyle.’

[via Designboom.com, images via Megawing.com.tw]