30 June 2014

Infographic: Women Directors And Hollywood Feature Films

In an infographic released by Women and Hollywood, the figures showed dismal statistics for women-directed feature films.

For example, in the last five years from 2009 to 2013, a female director helmed less than 5% of major studio-released feature films.

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[via Indiewire]

A Creative Chart That Uses Pixels To Illustrate The Calories In Different Foods

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Based in London, designer Severino R creatively uses pixels to visualize the number of calories in different types of foods.

Each pixel represents 1 kilocalorie and is creatively arranged to resemble each food—this is a refreshing way of looking at facts about nutrition instead of reading off a label.

Check out this neat and clever way of representing information here.

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[via Food Beast and Visual.ly]

Detailed Illustration Shows How IKEA’s Products Suit Everyone’s Lifestyle

London-based illustrator and artist Rod Hunt was commissioned by Instinct BBDO for an IKEA ad in Russia.

Hunt came up with a large illustration that showed the apartments of 10 different families, depicting how IKEA’s products are made for each and every lifestyle. We are able to peek inside each house—these lovely apartments may inspire you to go furniture shopping.

These intricate illustrations are included in a book written by children’s author Grigory Oster, and in an online game.

Have a look at the details in this illustration below, or head on over to Rod Hunt’s website to view more of his works.

[via Rod Hunt’s Website]

Would You Want To Stay At This Cowboy-Inspired Bed And Breakfast?

The Urban Cowboy Bed & Breakfast is a trendy new hotel with a western-inspired decor.

The stylishly decorated B&B was originally a townhouse and has since been renovated to accommodate four bedrooms and a cabin in the backyard.

There is also a communal hot tub and an open parlor floor at the B&B.

Created by Lyon Porter, he hopes that “guests [will] arrive as strangers and leave as friends”.

Guests staying at the Urban Cowboy can also interact with the locals during the dinner parties and events hosted by Porter.

Check out images of the spruced up place below:

[via 6sqft, images from Urban Cowboy B&B]

Colorful Shoes Made From Washed Up Plastic Trash

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When it comes to making shoes, utilizing the trash that is washed up along the coasts and river banks hardly crosses one’s mind—but these three creatives have done just that.

For their project called Your Shoes Are Rubbish, Charles Duffy, William Gubbins, and Billy Turvey scoured England’s coasts and the banks of the Thames river to collect washed up plastic trash.

After collecting the trash, the trio sorted and processed it accordingly to create a colorful sheet with a vibrant splatter pattern that is then used in producing new pairs of shoes.

Watch how the trio created these shoes in the video below.

[via Gizmodo]

Artist Uses Disney Princesses To Raise Awareness For Sexual Abuse

Middle Eastern artist ‘Saint Hoax’ has created a series of disturbing posters that shows Disney princesses being abused by their own fathers.

Titled ‘Princest Diaries’, the posters feature Jasmine and Ariel being forcefully kissed by their respective fathers.

According to the artist, she wrote that the posters were targeted at minors “who have been subject to sexual abuse by a family member”.

“46% of minors who are raped are victims of family members,” the ads read. “It’s never too late to report your attack.”

According to Huffington Post, Saint Hoax created the posters after learning that one of her close friends was raped by her father at age seven.

“That story shocked me to my core,” she said. “As an artist/activist, I decided to shed light on that topic again in a new form. I used Disney princess because it’s a visual language that my targeted audience would be attracted to.”

[via Saint Hoax and Huffington Post]

Infographic: How To Survive Your First Day At Work

With the start of a new month, some of us will start jobs at new environments and workplaces.

UK-based company Chair Office has created a helpful infographic to put first-day jitters to rest.

Check out the top tips dispensed for a good head-start at work.

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[via Chair Office]

IKEA Russia Promotes Latest Collection By Creating A ‘Website’ On Instagram

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Moscow-based creative agency Instinct has developed a unique marketing campaign for IKEA Russia’s 2014 PS collection by creating a ‘website’ on Instagram.

Instagram users who visit the account @ikea_ps_2014 will be able to check out the designer collection, which is presented in a catalog-style manner. There are six furniture categories in total–benches, tables, storage, light, textiles and ideas.

Users can tap into each category to view the items and all 34 items within the collection also have their own Instagram account so that the user can find out more information about the item.

IKEA Russia also encourage consumers to take a photo of their purchase and tag the respective product.

Watch the introductory video below to find out more.

[via Fast Company, images from Instinct]

Infographic: A Map Of All Major 'Marvel' Superheroes’ Hometowns

Fans of the Marvel comics, rejoice!

Now you can check out the birth places of your favorite Marvel superheroes in this map put together by Movoto.

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[via Geekologie, images via Movoto]

A Mobile App That Lets You Know If You Are Addicted To Your Phone

Are you guilty of using your phone at the expense of real-life interactions happening around you?

iOS developer Kevin Holesh found himself to be in such a situation and this inspired him to create an app called ‘Moment’ to help keep track and control phone usage.

Only required to be opened once for setting up, ‘Moment’ runs in the background and sends out reminders and warnings when you are approaching the phone usage limit that you have set for yourself.

Holesh wrote in a statement, “I designed ‘Moment’ not to encourage you to smash your iPhone with a hammer and never pick it up again. My goal was to find a balance of connected and disconnected that was right for me. I hope ‘Moment’ helps you find that balance too.”

Find out more here.

[via TechCrunch, images via Moment]

Adorable Animated Characters Invade The Streets Of Paris

London-based illustrator, who goes by the name Yoyo The Ricecorpse, has created a series of adorable GIFs on Justin Rang’s film photography of Paris.

Her illustrations are of whimsical doodles and adorable characters that pop-up unexpectedly in the black-and-white photographs.

For example, Yoyo drew an alien-like creature arriving from an UFO on a random pavement and a large bird perched atop of a hedge with animated raindrops.

Check out the cute animation below:

[via Ufunk, images from Yoyo the Rice-corpse]