31 May 2013

‘Grumpy Cat’ To Star In Hollywood Movie

Here is another sign that cats are slowly but surely taking over the world—internet meme sensation “Grumpy Cat” has just landed a deal to star in a Garfield-like Hollywood feature film.

According to Deadline, the eternally unimpressed and hugely popular feline—whose real name is “Tardar Sauce”—would be given the power of speech in the movie.

The initial report states that film production studio New Line is giving the project priority—the script is set to be written by Mark Steilen, with actors Will Ferrell and Jack Black potentially to play two of the main characters.

The 2013 Meme of the Year is definitely going places—are you looking forward to watching the “Grumpy Cat” movie or is this just a little too ridiculous for you?

[via Deadline, image via Deadline]

Pepsi’s New Vending Machine Accepts ‘Likes’ Instead Of Money

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In an improvement over hiring people to give out free samples, Pepsi’s latest vending machine gives you a free Pepsi in exchange for a ‘like’ on Facebook.

Created by Belgian advertising company TBWA, all one has to do is ‘like’ the Pepsi Facebook page either with a smartphone or on the vending machine itself.

To ensure that only those in the vicinity received a free sample for their ‘like’, the machine is capable of using a smartphone’s location settings.

This new way of sampling provides Pepsi with real-time feedback on who has “liked, tried and enjoyed” the drink.

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Types Of Cheese Imagined As Sports Brands With Clever Puns

British illustrator Chris Write has created an amusing series of witty branding art for fictional “cheese-y” sports brands.

Inspired by real sports brands and cheese types, the “Sports Cheese” series uses clever puns to bring the two previously non-related sporting goods and dairy products together.

For instance, he humorously combines sports brand Kappa and Camembert cheese to create “Kappambert”.

Scroll down for the entire “Sports Cheese” collection below—you can even pick up a “bRiebok” t-shirt over here.

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In Support Of Craftsmanship ‘Renaissance’: ‘The Modern Craft Project’

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In our rapidly modernizing environment, many of us have been happy to go along with the times, freely adopting the latest gadgets and gizmos into our lives.

Nevertheless, especially in the creative and artisanal industry, it is important to remember that the modernity we enjoy today has its roots planted firmly in innovation and creative ideas of the past.

‘The Modern Craft Project’—launched by the 10-generation family-owned distilling expert company, Ketel One Vodka—is a competition that echoes this sentiment, as it celebrates the value of craft and heritage in today’s modern world.

Ketel One Vodka has remained true to its 300-year-old original distilling techniques, and created the Ketel One Legacy fund as an important show of support to craftsmen across all disciplines of craftsmanship.

Finalists of The Modern Craft Project and recipients of the Ketel One Legacy fund John Pomp, Magda Sayeg and Paul Cunningham, all showed outstanding passion and dedication for excelling in their craft. They were chosen by Ketel One Vodka and Wallpaper Magazine, based on their mastery of traditional skills applied in a modern context.

The trio was also listed on the Modern Craft Directory—an online platform that features notable craftsmen from all over the world.

Specifically, Pomp has been studying and practicing the art of glass blowing for over 20 years; Sayeg is an ‘advocate’ of the traditional handcraft of knitting and strives to inspire others to take it on; while Cunningham spends his time perfecting the art of leather craftsmanship, particularly that of creating leather baseball gloves.

To find out more about The Modern Craft Project and how it is propelling the craftsmen of today to new heights, you can watch the video below:

This story is sponsored by Ketel One Vodka.

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Give Us Your Best Caption: Reading Up On Life, He Wasn't Missing Much

Today’s ‘Image of the Day’ belongs to Roy Tuck. Congratulations!

To help you get off on the right foot every morning, DesignTAXI will be featuring an image everyday from its social network for creatives, The Creative Finder, to keep you inspired.

In this segment ‘Image of the Day’, you—our very lovely readers—are invited to submit captions to describe the selected image above: just simply tweet it with the page's URL and hashtag #tellapictale, or leave a comment at the bottom.

Winning captions would be featured the following day.

Yesterday's winning caption goes to Malco Henning: "she's connected with everything except her childhood."

Overlapping Photos That Create A ‘Window To The Past’

In his photo series ‘Windows To The Past’, Hungarian photographer Kerényi Zoltán overlays old photos, from the 1900s to 1990s, onto his own photos of the same location.

Zoltán’s series provides an interesting look at how different the past looked compared to the present.

The fact that the old black and white photos are contrasted against the modern colored photos only serve to highlight these differences.

However, what stands out the most is that no matter how different and out of place the environment or fashion looks, the one constant and familiar thing is the people in them.

[via My Modern Met]