31 October 2013

This Brainwave-Activated Camera Automatically Records What Interests You

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At the recent “Human Sensing 2013” conference in Japan, an iPhone-based camera system that is triggered and controlled by brainwaves was unveiled.

The “Neurocam” requires the user to strap on an iPhone in order to connect brainwave sensors to his head—these sensors would then measure the level of interest the user has about the thing he is looking at based on his brain activity.

Measuring interest on a scale of 0 to 100, the Neurocam’s camera shutter will be triggered once it registers brainwaves that go above an interest level of 60.

Keeping a record of what truly interest its user, this high-tech camera plays back imagery in the form of 5-second GIF animations.

Watch the video below to see it in action.

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Photographer Stages Clever Visual Puns At Paris’ Subway Stations

French photographer Janol Apin has created an amusing photographic series of visual puns that plays on the names of the Metro stations in Paris.

By cleverly staging scenes that relate to the various stations, he provides a refreshing perspective from which to view these familiar public spaces and invites one to reflect on the subway stations names that they take for granted.

Although some of the images require a certain proficiency in French, many of them are self-explanatory even to English speakers.

For instance, a man in Roman garb is depicted at the station “Rome”, while a white-wigged French aristocrat stands “Palais-Royal”.

Head over to the photographer’s website for more of his Parisian subway visual puns.

[via My Modern Met]

IKEA's ‘Living Billboards’ Show Actors Using The Bathroom In Mid-Air

IKEA has come up with yet another creative way to advertise their products by introducing “living billboards” at the Gare St Lazare station in Paris, France.

Actors were hired to go about their bathroom routines in billboads which were elevated several feet above the ground, attracting a lot of attention as it appealed to the public’s voyeuritis tendencies.

Almost like a living work of art, this installation came with the slogan, “At last a bathroom that rises above the rest.”

What do you think—do you like this larger-than-life installation ad?

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L’Oréal Vending Machine Offers Beauty Consultations To NYC Subway Commuters

Beauty company L’Oréal recently set up a vending machine at the 42nd Street-Bryant Park subway station in New York City offering beauty consultations to commuters.

The Intelligent Color Experience vending machine comes with screens and a full-length mirror that uses cameras and sensors to suggest L’Oréal products. Customers are presented with a digital animation of their silhouette and asked if they want cosmetics that “match” or “clash.”

If they like the look, the machine recommends cosmetics for them to purchase on the spot. If they decide not to buy anything, they can choose to email the look to themselves.

Marc Speichart, Chief Marketing Officer of L’Oréal USA said, “It marks the latest ‘stop’ in our unparalleled quest to combine the latest in technology with the highest in quality to help every woman embrace her unique beauty.”

The vending machine is similar to the Uniqlo subway pop-up store in Union Square, and these mobile stores represent efforts by companies to provide new interactive shopping experiences to customers.

L’Oréal teamed up with digital agency R/GA to create it, and the machine is part of a partnership between the agency and CBS Outdoor. The venture was also supported by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

The Intelligent Color Experience machine officially launches on 4 November and will remain open til 30 December.

[via PSFK, images via L’Oréal Paris Intelligent Color Experience]

In China, The ‘World’s Largest Ball Pit’ Is Filled With One Million Balls

To help raise awareness for breast cancer, the Kerry Hotel in Pudong, Shanghai, attempted to create the ‘world’s largest ball pit’.

Measuring at 82-feet-long by 41-feet-wide, a total of one million pink and green balls were used to fill the pit, which is also the hotel’s swimming pool.

Would you like to jump in?

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This Disturbing Video Shows The Incredible Amount Of Photoshop Used In Magazines

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We’re all familiar with magazines employing Photoshop wizardry to touch-up celebrities and models in their pages, but this video, which reveals the amount of digital manipulation used, will shock you.

In the video, an attractive, normal-looking woman is transformed into a human Barbie doll with the help of hair and makeup products, and an intense Photoshop session.

Viewers watch as the woman’s short blonde bob becomes a cascade of artfully tousled golden curls framing her heavily made-up face. Her neck is then lengthened, eyes widened, stomach trimmed and breasts given a lift, while her thighs and bottom are slimmed down, and her skin given a dewy, sun-kissed glow covering every inch of her body.

The result is a lifeless, plastic mannequin rather than a living, breathing human being. The 37-second clip is an edited version of a video created by Global Democracy, a site that provides views on global issues.

While airbrushing movie and pop stars is not unheard of, this is an extreme example of unrealistic beauty standards in the fashion industry that begs the question: how much is too much?

Watch the video below.

[via Yahoo Shine]

Adorable Street Art Featuring The Minions From ‘Despicable Me’

Street artist Ernest Zacharevic was in graffiti-intolerant Singapore for a month-long residency—to avoid stiff penalties, he was only able to make his art on private property offered up by supportive citizens.

Among the artworks that he left behind in the city, one of the most eye-catching—and possibly, the most popular too—is a trio of concrete block street dividers that have been painted to look like the much-loved Minions from movie Despicable Me.

When transforming the concrete blocks into the jumpsuit-wearing yellow creatures, he has cleverly included a pile of bananas around one of the Minions, alluding to their funny obsession with the fruit.

You can view images of the other artworks Zacharevic completed in Singapore on his Facebook page.

[via My Modern Met]

LOL: The Dos And Don’ts Of Men’s Fashion

To help us guys make better fashion choices, designer Jessica Saia created a handy photo guide.

Titled ‘The Dos, The Don’ts, and the Oh God, Please Don’ts of Men’s Fashion’, it humorously illustrates the clothes and accessories that guys should and shouldn’t wear.

Check it out below:

[via The Bold Italic]

The Helvetica Font Made Entirely Out Of Colorful Candies

London-based designer Samuel Carter Mensah has created “HelvetiCandy”, an awesome version of the famous typeface that is made entirely out of colorful candies.

Created for “sheer love of the typeface and candy”, this is technically not a real font, but a Photoshop file with separate layers for each letter.

A refreshing update of a classic typeface, Mensah states that this project “is an venture to bring the the normally unseen colorful, childlike and lively essence of the Helvetica typeface”.

You can now download HelvetiCandy in exchange for a tweet or a post on Facebook.

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A Stylish Minimalistic Bicycle Inspired By Old Swedish Messenger Bikes

Swedish design agency People People has designed a stylish minimalistic city bicycle modeled after old Swedish messenger bikes.

Spiran’, which is Swedish for ‘Scepter’, builds on the popular ‘Kronan’ model and features a lightweight frame and slim racing tires that are specially crafted for maximum agility and speed.

It also has an integrated bike lock located in the front basket that folds out to secure the bike around a lamp post or fence, eliminating the need for clumsy bike locks.

Instead of a chain, the fixed gear bike comes with a carbon fibre belt that doesn’t require lubrication or maintenance, ensuring riders’ legs and pants are free of grease. It also reduces noise caused by a normal chain, making for a smoother, quieter ride.

View more images of the ‘Spiran’ bike below.

[via PSFK, images via People People]