31 August 2015

18 Premium Fonts for Designers in August 2015

For normal folks, fonts may seem like nothing but a bundle of letters. However, for designers, they are as essential as the air we breathe—the embodiment of the message we want to convey.

Designs are not exclusively about images and illustrations. More often, they are supported by text that allow our audience to easily grasp what we want to say. However, to blend with the image parts of the design, they must share characteristics and produce a similar feel. This is where special typefaces enter the scene.

Premium fonts are created with a particular vision and purpose in mind, and that is the reason why they work outstandingly well with specific themes. If you are looking for “The One” font that will make your design pop, then you ought to take a look at these lovely fonts that surfaced this month of August 2015:


18 Premium Fonts for Designers August 2015

Inspired by the time he has spent travelling Asia, especially exploring the Philippines, Madrid-based Joluvian designed the calligraphic font, Salamat. It is then formally produced by Argentina type foundry, Sudtipos.


Modern and fashionable, Break is a completely free typeface available for personal and commercial use. It’s created by Delhi-based visual designer, Rajesh Rajput.


When it comes to role-playing games, Zelda is a classic. Similarly, the Zelda font from Mohamed Jabir of India is classy in its minimalist, san serif design. It’s free for personal use.


Zefani is actually a font family composed of: Stencil, with strong and bold lines, and Sans, which utilizes light monotone strokes. It’s created by American graphic designer Andrew Herndon.


If you are looking for classy vintage fonts, then Istanbul’s Recha Tugcu got you covered. His premium Robinson font is available in 18 designs, with multilingual letters, and bonus paper texture.

Faith and Glory

18 Premium Fonts for Designers August 2015

Handmade things always bring a sense of warmth, and so do the Faith and Glory typeface from UK design collective, Set Sail Studios. This set includes two brush fonts, with support for international languages and alternates available for key characters.

Melika Script

The Melika Script is an elegant and dynamic typeface made by Indonesian group, JROH. With a total of 358 glyphs showcasing dancing lines and curves, this font is perfect for invitations, greeting cards, posters, and more.

Devira Outland

For branding and designs that require modern outline fonts, the Devira Outland is the answer. Crafted by Indonesian graphic designer Sarwo Edi, Devira is a slim uppercase type available in a single, regular weight.


Violence is never a good thing. However, Aiyari’s Violence font is anything but evil. As it exudes strong emotions and high energy, coupled with rough brush strokes, it works well for a wide range of purposes—logos, clothing, titles, etc.


Like regular handwriting that doesn’t have uniform size or shape, Chizuru is a uneven but lovely font handmade by Argentina designer Ezeqviel Ergo (Ergohiki).


Looking for a fancier font that will match your brand, design, or app? Then check out Indonesian designer AddthisrockStd’s geometric Relative font.


18 Premium Fonts for Designers August 2015

Simple but filled with passion and energy. This is the core of the Malaka brush front created by Indonesia-based Ijem.


Rahmah is another typeface made by Ijem. This version is a simple sans serif font with regular weight. It is created as a part of the Rahmah family font.


Still can’t get enough of brush-type fonts? Then consider Layla from Indonesia graphic and typography designer, AngelicaStudio. This typeface includes 439 glyphs, including ligatures and stylistic sets.


How do you define luxury? Maybe it’s through sparkling gems. Or maybe it’s with a sophisticated font such as Luxe created by Mexican designer Diana Orozco (Design District).


Many premium fonts try to wow their target audiences with bold designs and intricate details, but not Insolente. This realistic human script designed by Fanny Coulez and Julien Saurin for La Goupil Paris is all about simplicity and giving illustrations and other creations a personal touch.

Awesome Display

18 Premium Fonts for Designers August 2015

You know how a lot of logos have hypnotic decorative swashes? Fey Typo foundry of Indonesia used them as inspiration to create the Awesome pack, which includes multilanguage characters, alternative ligature fonts, and bonus swashes.


Created by Locomotype, Garris is a gorgeous monoline script font that includes ligatures, stylistic alternates, swashes, and more.


28 August 2015

12 Creative, Interactive and Engaging Websites for August 2015

Creating websites and apps have come a long way since the boom of the internet. These days it takes much more to attract and more importantly, retain your visitors.

As technology grows and the attention span decreases, it’s getting tougher to deliver interactive, intuitive and engaging content. Tough, but not impossible.

Be it scrolling one pagers, hover states, cinemagraphs, or slide interactions, these 12 selected websites for this month proves that we’ve only begun scraping the surface of amazing connections between human and machine.

Spacecraft for All

12 Creative and Engaging Websites for August 2015

Spacecraft for All documents the journey of ISEE-3, which was launched in 1978 to study the sun, and provides a stunning live simulation of the satellite’s current location based on a trajectory model.


VOID has a hypnotic feel that pulls you in. An interactive website produced by Hi-Res, it houses some of the agency’s creative works.


Feed is a data management platform that allows users to secure, monitor, exchange, and monetize their data under their own conditions. Their site use music as basis, giving it a sense of harmony and fluidity.

Super Sync Sports

12 Creative and Engaging Websites for August 2015 2

Super Sync Sports is an experiment for Google Chrome that allows you to play classic sports arcade games by syncing your smartphone or tablet to your computer. It allows for solo and multiplayer gaming.

Numéro 10

Numéro 10 a creative agency that puts emphasis on the power of storytelling, accompanied by great visuals such as those presented on their website.


Kilfish is a graphic and motion designer from Hungary. His website doesn’t only showcase his best works but is in itself a representation of his quirky personality and great talents.

Ice and Sky

12 Creative and Engaging Websites for August 2015 3

Ice and Sky is an educational website that shares the life of Claude Lorius, the first scientist to prove the impact of human activity on our climate, which he uncovered while studying Antarctic Ice.

Shakespeare at the Delacorte Theater

Shakespeare at the Delacorte Theater is a project of Cloud Red, which visualizes all the Shakesperean plays, along with their actors and directors, of the New York public theater in a minimalist yet comprehensive dotted timeline.

Paka Dla Bezdomniaka

Paka Dla Bezdomniaka is an organization that aims to move people into helping homeless animals, especially the assortment of dogs, cats, pigs, horses and even bears that live in a shelter in Korabiewicach, Poland. It mixes human and animal faces to engage visitors.

Diva by Makole

Diva by Makole is all about high fashion. Offering pieces from top designers such as Prada, Gucci, and Dolce and Gabbana, it helps clients to get excellent shopping experience and the best ensemble for any event in Salzburg.


12 Creative and Engaging Websites for August 2015 4

Andrevv is the home of Arizona-born, Berlin-based digital designer and developer Andrew McCarthy. Simplistic in style, the site utilizes a sort of loop that produces a fun effect as the naked backdrop moves, similar to stop-motion scenes.

How Far Is It to Mars?

How Far Is It to Mars? is a unique informative presentation that turns the distance between Earth, the moon, and Mars into pixels.

27 August 2015

Featured Work: Creepy Yet Fascinating Political Portraits

Today’s featured work comes from Irish artist, Lola Dupre. Not everything or everyone is as they seem to be. Dupre conveys this message in her series of eerie and bewitching political portraits.

There are always things happening behind the scene—things that only the highest and most powerful political figures are able to know. Perhaps in an attempt to shed light to this truth and poke a bit of fun out of the serious dignified faces of authority, Lola Dupre released a selection of her political portraiture work.

Though chilling to see at first, it provokes viewers to see people in another way, to think outside of the box, and to understand that not everything is as they appear.

Take a peek at Dupre’s bizarre collections at Behance.

Featured Work: Creepy Yet Fascinating Political Portraits

Featured Work: Creepy Yet Fascinating Political Portraits 2

Featured Work: Creepy Yet Fascinating Political Portraits 3

Featured Work: Creepy Yet Fascinating Political Portraits 4

Featured Work: Creepy Yet Fascinating Political Portraits 5

25 August 2015

12 Coffee Mugs Every Designer Should Have

There are numerous ways to start and keep your energy high throughout the day. However, few can be as satisfying as drinking hot coffee. And to drink coffee elegantly, you ought to have a nice coffee mug to hold it.

But why would you settle for a plain old white mug when you can have fun coffee mugs that will give you a chuckle and maybe some inspiration for that project you have to finish today?

These coffee mugs are the perfect companion to weary-eyed designers all over the world. They feature a simple outer structure but are infused with brilliant graphic designs, majority of which are heat-activated. Then there are the oddballs that will delight your eyes from the sheer awesomeness of their shape and construction.

The chair spins

12 Coffee Mugs Every Designer Should Have

The fun never stops when you go ‘round and ‘round.

I’m not saying I’m Batman

Really, who can prove that I’m not the masked crusader of the night?

Stansport Steel Mug

Deviating from the normal porcelain, this can be heated on your stove top and make you feel like a legit vagabond.

Shark Attack

12 Coffee Mugs Every Designer Should Have 2

Just when you think the legend of Jaws has ended, this monster comes.

Ready, Player 1. Start!

The gaming madness continues until you reach the end of the story. Or finish your cup of coffee.

Have a Nice Day

Sometimes, you just feel crappy and want everyone to know.


12 Coffee Mugs Every Designer Should Have 3

If you love the dot-eating, ghost-kicking yellow monster as much as we do, then get the mug.

Prescription Coffee

My doctor says I need to drink at least three cups a day.

Mighty Mug

The mug for uber-busy and forgetful folks. Now your coffee will never spill, regardless if you forget it on your table or the top of your car.

Pixel Heart

12 Coffee Mugs Every Designer Should Have 4

Get another life, and rescue the princess!

Tired Eyes

Waking up from a good night’s sleep or trying to stay awake to finish that darn project that’s taking forever? Open your eyes along with this mug.

Camera Lens

The best mug for photography buffs and coffee junkies.

Mug Warmer

12 Coffee Mugs Every Designer Should Have 5

And here’s a nice bonus! For those who can’t stand having your cuppa go cold while you work, here’s something to keep ol’ Joe nice and warm!