30 October 2015

Freebie: Minimalist Infinite Scroll Portfolio Theme – Shibui

Today’s freebie comes from Graph Paper Press, a reliable resource of gorgeous WordPress themes. Shibui, presents a minimalist design that can be easily tweaked for any website.

Graph Paper Press swears by the beauty of minimalist themes. That’s why for Shibui, the team utilized a portfolio theme with support for masonry layouts and infinite scroll.

Shibui is a full-responsive design that adapts to all screen sizes and can be further optimized for mobile devices. It automatically displays elements based on available vertical space and can be customized with just a few clicks. That includes the ability to add and organize as many images you want to feature in a slideshow.

If you want to see more beautiful minimalist WordPress themes, head over to Graph Paper Press. Don’t forget to click the link below to download Shibui.

Freebie: Minimalist Infinite Scroll Portfolio Theme - Shibui

Shibui Minimalist Infinite Scroll Portfolio Theme

29 October 2015

Exclusive Freebie: 36 Graphic and Web Designer Icons from Vector4Free

Today’s daily freebie comes from our good friends over at Vector4Free.com – a web site dedicated to free vector graphics to help designers with their everyday work.

They’ve brought us a nice handy and user-friendly designer icon set that’s good for any design project – print or web. There are 36 popular icons in total including print, cut, pencil, pen tool and more!

Adobe users will be glad to see familiar icons. If you’re a designer looking for some exposure, you can also submit your vector art to the site. For more free vectors head over to the site or begin your direct download after the jump!


36 icons

27 October 2015

Featured Designer: User Interface Web Guru Dany Duchaine

Today’s featured designer is Dany Duchaine. An up and coming user interface designer, he continuously churns out lovely, customizable themes.

People, businesses, and organizations are using the web to connect, be it with customers or fellow enthusiasts, and to share the ups and downs of their personal or commercial journeys. However, not everyone is a web design and programming whiz.

Even with a platform as user-friendly as WordPress, creating a professional site still remains challenging. That’s where Dany Duchaine comes in.

Dany obviously has a flair for crafting clean and engaging themes that are attractive and more importantly, easily customizable. Virtually all the elements of his themes can be personalized, all with a single click.

Ready to see those awesome WordPress themes? Then head over to Dany’s Dribble.

Featured Designer: User Interface Web Guru Dany Duchaine

Featured Designer: User Interface Web Guru Dany Duchaine 2

26 October 2015

Featured Designer: Bandcamp Maestro Paul Grelet

Today’s featured designer is Paul Grelet. Creating beautiful illustrations that reflect the rocking and soothing rhythms of various musicians, Paul has become an icon for the continuously-growing Bandcamp.

Bandcamp connects musicians with their audience, allowing people to directly support the artists they love. Its Bandcamp Weekly puts the spotlight on select songs from a range of albums, most of which generally fall on a similar theme or genre.

While the music is the main dish, so to say, in the weekly feature, it is accompanied by a beautiful illustration that represents the artist, the music, or both.

Paul Grelets lead the artists behind those snazzy illustrations. Using sharp lines, an array of simple and/or repeating patterns, and sometimes a splash of bright colors, the illustrations he make easily catches the eyes and makes visitors instant fans.

Visit Paul Grelet’s website to see more of his masterful creations.

Featured Designer: Bandcamp Maestro Paul Grelet

Featured Designer: Bandcamp Maestro Paul Grelet 2

23 October 2015

Featured Photographer: From a Parallel Universe Brian Oldham

Today’s featured photographer is Brian Oldham. For many, photos capture a scene in our everyday lives. For Oldham, photography is about adding a touch of fantasy and surrealism into those simple days.

Brian Oldham is a freelance fine-art photographer, specializing in the surreal and conceptual realms. Brian grew up, and still lives and works, near Los Angeles.

Aside from showcasing a typical subject in a new light, Brian seemingly delivers a deep message with each photograph he takes. Something as simple as a splash of paint or an old tree turned into a crucial element that completely changes the subject’s appearance in relation to the audience.

Just take a look at a slice of Oldham’s collection below, and if you are mesmerized, take some time to visit his official website.

Featured Photographer: From a Parallel Universe Brian Oldham

22 October 2015

Freebie: 8 Free Clean Business Card Mockups (PSD)

Today’s freebie comes from Mats-Peter Forss of CreativeBooster who aims to provide outstanding exclusive freebies for Photoshop and Illustrator.

Forss goes to great lengths to ensure the quality of his freebie offers and these business card mockups are true testaments of that.

Forss established CreativeBooster with a single goal—to help boost graphic designers’ careers through excellent and absolutely free materials and tools. To that end, he pours all his love and passion to finding and creating the best design freebies.

For this PSD mockup, Forss took a photograph of a stack of cards in a light tent. By combining it with shadows from hi-res photos and adding realistic reflections on the surface, he has created a Photoshop business card mockup that looks both real and elegant.

Check out CreativeBooster to see more premium freebies, and get the set of 8 business card mockups by clicking the link below.

Freebie: 8 Free Clean Business Card Mockups (PSD)

Freebie: 8 Free Clean Business Card Mockups (PSD) 2

Clean me up

21 October 2015

Featured Designer: The Last Great Letterer Ben Didier

Today’s featured designer is Ben Dieder who hails from the bustling west coast of Vancouver, Canada. A devoted letterer, Dieder’s designs hint at enduring elegance.

Typography is a crucial element of graphic design. However, with cheeky illustrations and loud drawings that barrage people from all sides, it becomes easy to forget that lettered designs are just as beautiful, maybe even more.

With his works focused on establishing branding through letter-heavy designs, Ben Dieder is trying to change that view and make people think how words can impact any targeted audience.

To achieve his goal, Dieder puts the spotlight on a slogan by using a variety of bold and classic types. Adorning the texts are gorgeous emblems and intricate patterns, which only serve to reiterate the brand’s core message and present its unique identity.

Do you think lettering can outshine drawings? Take a look at Ben’s Dribble portfolio, and you will find out how it’s possible.

Featured Designer: The Last Great Letterer Ben Didier

20 October 2015

The Best Free Image Hosting to Upload, Share and Find Quality Images

Perfect for designers, bloggers and photographers looking for a superb cloud hosting service and a way to share images, your search is finally over.

LLL.net is a free image hosting service that allows you to upload, share and manage your content easily.

With the best uploader of its kind, anyone can start uploading their images at a whopping 50 MB limit per file! LLL.net also provides unlimited bandwidth traffic, unlimited storage, and allows unlimited images in any format – jpg, bmp, gifs, and more.

LLL.net is also capable of multiple local uploads, mobile, camera, drag-and-drop, and even clipboard uploads. It also comes with an image resizer, strip Exit data, image expiration time, NSFW, private uploads and more.

Providing the best in-class features, this image hosting service gives you the control over your content, the ability to create private albums, customize your profile and more. You can also share your images easily with its Easy-share function. In a click, anyone can start sharing some love on social networks, blogs and forums with direct image links, BBCode and HTML thumbnails.

Stop fussing around with other services that provide limited bandwidth, storage and file sizes and sign up for free with LLL.net!

Here are just a few images that you can find at LLL.net

The Best Place on the Web to Upload, Share and Find Free Images The Best Place on the Web to Upload, Share and Find Free Images The Best Place on the Web to Upload, Share and Find Free Images The Best Place on the Web to Upload, Share and Find Free Images The Best Place on the Web to Upload, Share and Find Free Images