25 August 2015

12 Coffee Mugs Every Designer Should Have

There are numerous ways to start and keep your energy high throughout the day. However, few can be as satisfying as drinking hot coffee. And to drink coffee elegantly, you ought to have a nice coffee mug to hold it.

But why would you settle for a plain old white mug when you can have fun coffee mugs that will give you a chuckle and maybe some inspiration for that project you have to finish today?

These coffee mugs are the perfect companion to weary-eyed designers all over the world. They feature a simple outer structure but are infused with brilliant graphic designs, majority of which are heat-activated. Then there are the oddballs that will delight your eyes from the sheer awesomeness of their shape and construction.

The chair spins

12 Coffee Mugs Every Designer Should Have

The fun never stops when you go ‘round and ‘round.

I’m not saying I’m Batman

Really, who can prove that I’m not the masked crusader of the night?

Stansport Steel Mug

Deviating from the normal porcelain, this can be heated on your stove top and make you feel like a legit vagabond.

Shark Attack

12 Coffee Mugs Every Designer Should Have 2

Just when you think the legend of Jaws has ended, this monster comes.

Ready, Player 1. Start!

The gaming madness continues until you reach the end of the story. Or finish your cup of coffee.

Have a Nice Day

Sometimes, you just feel crappy and want everyone to know.


12 Coffee Mugs Every Designer Should Have 3

If you love the dot-eating, ghost-kicking yellow monster as much as we do, then get the mug.

Prescription Coffee

My doctor says I need to drink at least three cups a day.

Mighty Mug

The mug for uber-busy and forgetful folks. Now your coffee will never spill, regardless if you forget it on your table or the top of your car.

Pixel Heart

12 Coffee Mugs Every Designer Should Have 4

Get another life, and rescue the princess!

Tired Eyes

Waking up from a good night’s sleep or trying to stay awake to finish that darn project that’s taking forever? Open your eyes along with this mug.

Camera Lens

The best mug for photography buffs and coffee junkies.

Mug Warmer

12 Coffee Mugs Every Designer Should Have 5

And here’s a nice bonus! For those who can’t stand having your cuppa go cold while you work, here’s something to keep ol’ Joe nice and warm!