16 September 2015

3 Must Have Design Elements to a Perfect Logo

It’s no secret that creating a dynamic logo for your company is crucial. While there are many factors that contribute to a thriving business, it is your logo that ultimately represents your company and what it has to offer.

With this, it is important to keep your brand in line with company values and beliefs throughout all touch points be it letterheads, business cards, website and across advertising platforms.

There are a number of aspects that you should consider during the creation and design process of the logo, but here’s the top 3.

Tip #1: Tone and Manner

tone and manner: 3 Must Have Design Elements to a Perfect Logo

Your logo must undeniably reflect what you do. If you operate a professional business like a consulting corporation or an accountancy firm, this must be explicitly conveyed in your logo. If you run a party gift store, you can’t have a stiff and rigid logo hanging over your main entrance.

Logos which are poorly designed and do not speak to consumers can expect quick fails in achieving company goals and profits.

Fex-mex eatery Mexout and juice bar company Roots & Bulbs are excellent examples of companies that have opted for a simplistic, yet effective and classy logo on their website that does a great job in representing their business and match your demographics.

Tip #2: Use of colors

use of color: 3 Must Have Design Elements to a Perfect Logo

A common mistake when designing a company logo is to slap on bright colours thinking it will catch attention. This may not be the best bet. It can have the opposite effect.

Standing out from the crowd is important, but if the colours do not ultimately reflect your business, then go with another approach. Using a single colour such as snacks providers  Graze can be more beneficial as it gets straight to the point.

Logos with two or three colours need to find the balance between simplicity and the element of vibrancy that catches the eye; online gaming site Betsafe utilises white and red to create a nice balance with a professional and sleek-looking logo.

This proves that you can achieve the desired effect without throwing a lot of color to produce good results.

Tip #3: Image or text

text image 3 Must Have Design Elements to a Perfect Logo

Deciding to include an image or text, or combination of the two ultimately comes down to personal choice. In the Betsafe example, the online gaming company has a good balance of text and image that conveys what the company offers.

Other examples can be a pairing of dark-coloured text with an image that reflects speed, power and brawn, for a motorcycle company. Or perhaps a flower retailer may prefer a text-based logo using one or two light colours from their most popular-selling flowers.

The Jewellery company Suzi Zutic is a great example of an image that strikes a chord with customers across their website and all their products, and remains memorable without the use of text, while Polish online store Live Beautifully shows how it is possible to use excellent design initiative on their website and other company products to transform text into a major selling point for their business.