25 September 2015

Daily Freebie: Slick 99Lime UI Kit for Photoshop

Today’s daily freebie comes from Joshua Gatcke, a Canadian creative director, interactive designer, and instructor. His slick UI kit will take any site from zero to hero.

Searching for a complete UI kit can be a daunting task. Joshua understands this all too well, which is why he’s created this pro UI kit, which is composed of 99 slick elements. The kit includes a range of common icons, lists, drop downs, devices, media, social media, input labels, containers, tabs, sliders, text fields, progress bars, audio players, more than any other kit out there.

There’s more stuff to go ga-ga over at 99Lime, but since you’re already here, don’t forget to get this awesome minimalist and very versatile UI kit after the jump! Thanks Josh!

Daily Freebie: Slick 99Lime UI Kit for Photoshop