25 November 2015

CLD Exclusive Freebie: 120 Coins of the World Icons (SVG PNG)

Today’s exclusive freebie comes from our good pals over at Freepik! We were all kids once and while times have changed, the art of collecting hasn’t.

For those of you born in the era of comic book, stamp and insect collecting, I’m sure coins have crossed your mind more than once. If you didn’t collect it I’m sure a sibling or geeky neighbor did.

Freepik has compiled and created a bunch of neat vector coins from around the world from Europe to Asia and everything in between! Perfect for your next art project, these flat icons come in SVG and PNG and there’s a total of 120!

The freebie can be used for personal and commercial projects so go ahead and download them after the jump!

coins of the world exclusive freebie

drop some coins on me!