16 November 2015

Featured Designer: Genius Logoist and Illustrator Alan Oronoz

Today’s featured designer is Alan Oronoz, a Mexican artist whose work features bold typography and stunning graphics.

With a combination of fun characters and exciting colors, Oronoz’s work stands out among the rest. With expertly crafted typography that blends with the graphics, Oronoz creates mascots and logos that are unforgettable.

With an expert use of color and type that really stands out, it’s no wonder that Oronoz excels at branding for places like Smokin Jack Ribs, and apps such as Desert Tycoon and Castle Champions.

With such exciting graphics and solid designs, it’s hard to look away from his work. To see more great designs, check out Oronoz’ Dribbble page!

carlos_beltransmokin_jack_sauces_fod_subway_gamers fiesta_avocados_packaging_pattern desert_tycoon