1 December 2015

Featured Designer: Icon Guru Bulat Zalyayev

Today’s featured designer is Bulat Zalyayev, an icon designer and illustrator from Moscow. The artist creates clean, modern icons that stand out from the crowd.

Zalyayev creates isometric designs and logos, and utilizes a color palette that is comfortable on the eyes and pleasing for the viewer. With a variety of icons for different needs such as travel and clothing, there is plenty to look at and see the level of professionalism and craftsmanship the designer displays.

Also a user interface designer and illustrator, Zalyayev’s sense of geometric and minimalistic design carries over into the rest of his work to create contemporary and stunning projects. Whether a graphic designer or an illustrator, there is plenty for the viewer to look at and draw inspiration from. To see more from Zalyayev, check out his Dribbble page after the jump.

b4-icons national-data-centers tourism

Bulat Zalyayev