25 December 2015

Featured Designer: UI/UX + Motion Designer Dion Pramadhan

Today’s featured designer comes all the way from Bandung, Indonesia. Dion is a UI/UX and motion designer who codes and illustrates!

His skills are defined by clean and functional designs that are well structured and intuitive. With a flair for minimalism, Dion’s interactive style makes his designs truly engaging. Each wireframe comes with detailed execution and brings the concept to life!

For more of Dion’s work, head over to his Dribbble page. For UI designers, you might want to grab his first freebie (link below) – Flowchart Kit made with Sketchapp, and say thanks personally.

Dion Pramadhan Dion Pramadhan Dion Pramadhan

Flowchart freebie

Dion Pramadhan