1 May 2015

Brilliant Supercut Reveals How Every Summer Blockbuster Trailer Is The Same

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If you’ve never noticed the similarities across summer blockbuster movies, this super trailer is for you.

Red Letter Media has glued together parallel scenes from multiple movies, categorizing them according to commonly used devices, such as initiating with vague and mysterious narratives, followed by silence to build up to the climax. Let’s not forget the action hodgepodge and the hero’s airtime in slow motion while looking cool and suave.

What’s probably more amusing however, is the comment left by YouTube user Chandler Hull who wrote on the video’s YouTube page, “I can't wait to see The Amazing Supertransformers Jurassiczilla Rises: The Winter Soldier v Star Trek 2: The Into Dark Days of Revelations Reloaded Reconstructed Retconned Rise of Cobra Legacy: Avengers Assemble!”

Perhaps after watching the compilation video below you’ll share Hull’s enthusiasm.

[via Laughing Squid, video via Red Letter Media]