1 May 2015

Nendo's Whimsical Door Designs Make Entering And Leaving A Room Fun

‘Seven Doors’

We previously featured the beautiful geometric chocolates designed by Nendo.

The Japanese design studio has recently created a collection of seven whimsical doors for the 70th anniversary of Abe Kogyo, a legendary manufacturer of wooden doors. The ‘Seven Doors’ collection feature surreal doors, with one that is tessellated to look like wooden lattices, and another that is built right into a corner.

Although the collection is not for sale, Abe Kogyo's engineers are inspired and have already begun looking into adapting some of Nendo's ideas for their new products.

Scroll down to have a look at the surreal doorways. You can also visit their website for more details.

‘Hang’, a door fitted with an internal magnetic sheet, allowing you to attach accessories like trays, dust bins, flower pots, vases or refrigerator magnets.

‘Baby’, inspired by the question: "What if babies had their own door to enter a house?"

‘Kumiko’, named after the Japanese technique of assembling wooden lattices without nails, this tessellated door is gradually assembled from the lower-right corner upwards into a smooth, uninterrupted surface.

‘Lamp’, a door and a lighting fixture in one. The lamp is powered using the same wiring techniques used in electronic locks.

‘Slide’, this door contains various panels which can be slid out of the way, like a window blind, to identify who's ringing your bell or to let some light or breeze through.

‘Corner’, a door that allows the user to enter and exit through corners of a room. The door opens particularly wide and can practically allow for easier wheelchair access.

‘Wall’, a door covered with shelves and picture frames, becoming an extension of a household wall.

[via Fast Company, images via Nendo by Akihiro Yoshida]