1 May 2015

More Funny Images Of A Fat Cat Photobombing Famous Paintings, Movie Scenes

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“Irresistible Temptation”

Since we last featured the work of Russian artist, Svetlana Petrova, more than three years ago, she has created more images of her cat, Zarathustra, photobombing art.

Petrova has now included more categories on her website to accommodate the various ways in which Zarathustra photobombs.

Ranging from ‘Meowvies’ to ‘Still Life’, her fat cat has reenacted iconic film scenes, such as Marilyn Monroe’s rendition of I Wanna Be Loved By You, and invaded famous artworks like Adriaen Van Utrecht’s Banquet Still Life from 1644.

Check out more of these funny images of a fat cat photobombing famous artworks here.

“And Where Is Russian Salad?”

“Cat Kong”

“Wine Vs Catnip”

“Pygmalion the Cat and Galatea”

“Sappho and the Fat Cat”

[via FatCatArt]