1 October 2015

Featured Work: The Many Faces of Wally – A Tribute

Today’s featured work are actually tributes to the late branding guru, Wallace “Wally” Olins. Having pursued a unique view of branding and its many facets, Wally had charmed entrepreneurs all over the world and reformed many international brands.

“In order to be truly imaginative, you must possess and unusual amount of self-confidence and creativity.” This is a memorable quote from Olins who had permanently changed businesses’ view of branding—from a simple branch of marketing and advertising to an entirely separate field, in which the way a company and its people present themselves to the public plays a vital role.

Keeping the memory of Olins, as well as his valuable contribution to all commercial industries, alive, the Wall of Wally, with permission from Wally’s wife and Saffron Brand Consultants, was established by Jamin Galea.

In this simple site, various artistic works featuring the late Olins in one of his prominent relaxed photographs are displayed. As you can see from our small list of samples below, the tributes cover a wide range of techniques and media. Some are in the form of expressionism, others in more familiar cartoon style, while others still employ clay and mixed materials.

If you want to see all of the great creative tributes artists have made for the beloved branding guru, simply visit the Wall of Wally.

Featured Work: The Many Faces of Wally - A Tribute

Featured Work: The Many Faces of Wally - A Tribute 2