12 October 2015

Featured Designer: Oliver the Magnificent Icon Maker

Today’s featured designer is Oliver from Bucharest, Romania whose main goal is to solve problems through well-crafted and eye catching designs.

When you hear the word “icons,” you think simple illustrations like social media logos, mail, Facebook thumbs, and elements like arrows and gears.

For Oliver, icons are more than just that—they are tiny, precious gems that can either make or break your designs. With that in mind, Oliver and his creative cohorts have racked their brains and sweat buckets to create gorgeous icon sets that you can use in practically any design project, especially for web and mobile applications.

Among Oliver’s featured creations is the Smashicons set. Composed of a whopping 14,000 icons, which are continuously being tweaked and added, Smashicons features elements under a wide range of categories. This includes medical, movies, file types, holidays, business, religion, and many others, all of which are available in four design styles: color, webby, outline, and solid.

Ready to see a new world of icons? Hop over to Oliver’s Dribble profile.

Featured Designer: Oliver the Magnificent Icon Maker