14 October 2015

Create a cheerful mood with this HB frames vectors!

The main holiday of every person is their birthday. For quick and stylish birthday decor, try out CannyPic frames. They are modern, creative and trendy. We are sure, that you will find what you need.

With our happy birthday frames you can create picture postcards, that describe your admiration and happiness from being a friend of such amazing person. They will be the best background for your good wishes and warm words. You can choose frame, that will pass your friend as well as possible: bright or discreet, with balloons or flowers, vintage or like a child’s drawing.

Using frames will save you a lot of time, that you could spend in searching for suitable background, drawing in graphic program and creating dozens of inappropriate variants. Better prepare a birthday cake!

Funny round frame for your birthday

Vector set of lace frames - http://www.CannyPic.com

Excellent photo frame for friends

Vector set of colored floral frames


This frame is suitable for your child’s school pictures

Happy Easter Card - http://www.CannyPic.com

Delicate frame for the birthday girl

Vintage frame - http://www.CannyPic.com

Birthday muffins and cakes?

Happy Birthday cupcake card - http://www.CannyPic.com

What’s a birthday party without balloons?

Happy birthday greeting card


Do you like candy? Excellent sweet birthday frame.

Sweet card. Vector illustration