21 October 2015

Featured Designer: The Last Great Letterer Ben Didier

Today’s featured designer is Ben Dieder who hails from the bustling west coast of Vancouver, Canada. A devoted letterer, Dieder’s designs hint at enduring elegance.

Typography is a crucial element of graphic design. However, with cheeky illustrations and loud drawings that barrage people from all sides, it becomes easy to forget that lettered designs are just as beautiful, maybe even more.

With his works focused on establishing branding through letter-heavy designs, Ben Dieder is trying to change that view and make people think how words can impact any targeted audience.

To achieve his goal, Dieder puts the spotlight on a slogan by using a variety of bold and classic types. Adorning the texts are gorgeous emblems and intricate patterns, which only serve to reiterate the brand’s core message and present its unique identity.

Do you think lettering can outshine drawings? Take a look at Ben’s Dribble portfolio, and you will find out how it’s possible.

Featured Designer: The Last Great Letterer Ben Didier