26 October 2015

Featured Designer: Bandcamp Maestro Paul Grelet

Today’s featured designer is Paul Grelet. Creating beautiful illustrations that reflect the rocking and soothing rhythms of various musicians, Paul has become an icon for the continuously-growing Bandcamp.

Bandcamp connects musicians with their audience, allowing people to directly support the artists they love. Its Bandcamp Weekly puts the spotlight on select songs from a range of albums, most of which generally fall on a similar theme or genre.

While the music is the main dish, so to say, in the weekly feature, it is accompanied by a beautiful illustration that represents the artist, the music, or both.

Paul Grelets lead the artists behind those snazzy illustrations. Using sharp lines, an array of simple and/or repeating patterns, and sometimes a splash of bright colors, the illustrations he make easily catches the eyes and makes visitors instant fans.

Visit Paul Grelet’s website to see more of his masterful creations.

Featured Designer: Bandcamp Maestro Paul Grelet

Featured Designer: Bandcamp Maestro Paul Grelet 2