31 October 2014

Designers ‘Hacked’ A 3D Printer To Create An Awesome Tattooing Machine

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Image via Dezeen

French designers from design studio Appropriate Audiences may have just introduced an alternative yet brilliant use for 3D printers.

The team “hacked” a MakerBot 3D printer and fixed a tattooist’s needle on it to create an awesome tattooing machine called ‘Tatoué’.

Using a modified software by Autodesk, Tatoué is capable of “printing” any design that is transferred to the machine automatically on your skin.

The machine’s sensor reads the surface of your arm as it works, ensuring that it moves smoothly as it punctures your skin up to 150 times per second.

Currently, Tatoué works best with arms, but the designers are working on developing more machines that can ink other parts of the body.

Would you consider getting your arm tattooed by this unique tattooing machine?

Watch the video below to see Tatoué in action.

[via Dezeen, images via Vimeo screenshots]