29 October 2014

Man’s Halloween Light Show For His House Sings ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

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Have you ever seen a house that can ‘sing’?

Illinois-based Nick Thomas, with the help of his neighbor’s son Steve Jandick, shows you that his house can.

Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, Lady Gaga’s Poker Face and a number of other songs make up its playlist this Halloween.

Since 1999, the duo has been putting up an elaborate light décor for 60-year-old Thomas’ house when Halloween approaches.

The planning of the show takes one year—25-year-old Jandick is in charge of the light displays while Thomas is responsible for the decorations.

The light show goes on till 9:30pm on weekdays and 10:30pm on weekends.

Check out Bohemian Rhapsody below, and the rest of the songs on Jandick’s YouTube channel.

[via BuzzFeed, images via Steve Jandick]