31 October 2014

This Cuddly Dog Is Giving Celebrities A Run For Their Money On Instagram

There’s a 12-year-old adopted Shih Tzu, named Marnie, causing waves on social media with her winsome pose—a head tilt coupled with her tongue hanging out.

This might remind you of Toast. But unlike Toast’s stuck out tongue, which resulted from the removal of rotten teeth, Marnie’s hanging tongue is really just due to it being very long.

Marnie doesn’t only have followers numbering more than 461,000, celebrities are also going crazy over the cuddly dog, particularly actor James Franco.

The special friendship between the duo blossomed when Marnie playfully impersonated Franco’s selfies.

Her owner, Shirley Braha, told Instagram, “It was all pretty fun and silly. Next thing you know, James Franco reposted the photos on Instagram. And that’s how The Great Selfie Battle of 2014 was born”.

Franco said, “I had no idea who Marnie the dog was, and then I saw she was my best mimic. I love Marnie’s versions of my selfies better than the originals. And she’s a really good drawer, better than a lot of humans.”

Begin your weekend on a good note with an endless dose of cuteness here.

[via Marnie the Dog]