30 October 2014

This Is What ‘Game of Thrones’ Should Really Look Like...

Image via Marc Simonetti

Novelist George R. R. Martin, who brought us the world of Game of Thrones, will be publishing a new book titled The World of Ice & Fire.

His new book chronicles the history of Westeros and feature artworks that reveal how he always envisioned the world of Game of Thrones to look like, which is not quite the same as how it’s portrayed in the settings of the television series.

He worked closely with artists such as Marc Simonetti, Ted Nasmith, and Philip Straub to create these locations as accurately to how he imagined it to be.

Scroll down to see some of the approved artworks.

Image via Ted Nasmith

Image via Ted Nasmith

Image via Ted Nasmith

Image via Philip Straub

[via 22 Words, Huffington Post]