29 October 2014

New Windowless Plane Could Be A Reality In A Decade

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Would you like to fly in a windowless airplane?

This concept isn’t entirely new—we’ve previously featured a France-based studio’s concept of a windowless jet plane.

But the following windowless air carrier, the brainchild of UK-based tech company Centre for Process Innovation (CPI), could become a reality in a decade, CPI’s Dr Jon Helliwell told The Guardian.

He said, “We are talking about it now because it matches the kind of development timelines that they have in the aerospace industry.”

The airplane has full-length screens—taking the place of windows—showing passengers what’s happenings outside via mounted cameras on the plane’s exterior.

Individuals can also choose to switch the screens on or off, depending on personal preference.

Dr Helliwell said the idea was borne out of wanting to take weight out of planes.

“We had been speaking to people in aerospace and we understood that there was this need to take weight out of aircraft.”

He continued, “Follow the logical thought through. Let’s take all the windows out—that’s what they do in cargo aircraft—what are the passengers going to do? If you think about it, it’s only really the people that are sitting next to windows that will suffer.”

According to CPI, the reduced weight might then translate to a decrease in cost for passengers and the airline.

Check out the video below:

[via Mashable, images via Centre for Process Innovation]