30 October 2014

Intimate Portraits Of Parisians Captured Through Their Apartment Windows

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Rue de Belleville, 20th arrondissement, Paris

For her series ‘Paris Views’, American photographer Gail Albert Halaban captured intimate portraits of Parisians through their apartment windows.

The self-described “friendly window watcher” journeyed to Paris at the invitation of Le Monde’s magazine section M, after the newspaper chanced upon an earlier similar series about her neighbors in New York City.

Juxtaposed against the city’s urban settings, the scenes of domestic life exude a peaceful and calm vibe.

“The process of making the photographs connects neighbor to neighbor creating community against the loneliness and overpowering scale of the city,” stated the photographer.

If you’re wondering how Halaban managed to achieve such beautiful composition and lighting, the photographs were staged and Halaban sought permission from her subjects before photographing them.

Her images are published in her new book Paris Views, which is out this month from Aperture.

Watch a video below where she elaborates on her process, and view some of her portraits after.

Rue des Plantes, 14th arrondissement, Paris

Rue Jouye-Rouve, 20th arrondissement, Paris

Villa Santos-Dumont, 15th arrondissement, Paris

Quai Anatole-France, 7th arrondissement, Paris

Rue de Douai, 9th arrondissement, Paris

[via PetaPixel and Popular Photography, video via Vimeo, images by Gail Albert Halaban via Edwynn Houk Gallery]