28 November 2014

Comic Sans Designer Defends The Typeface That Everyone Loves To Hate

Comic Sans is probably one of the most recognizable typefaces in the world, but do you know the designer who created it?

Vincent Connare, the designer who is responsible for this typeface that everyone loves to hate, spoke to Dezeen about his now infamous creation, which was made in 1994 for a Microsoft program called “Microsoft Bob”.

Described by V&A Museum as “one of the most popular and despised typefaces in existence”, Comic Sans generated so much outrage at one time that the “Ban Comic Sans” website was founded in 2000.

However, Connare states, “I think people who don't like Comic Sans don't know anything about design…They don't understand that in design you have a brief.”

According to the London-based designer, he does not regret creating the typeface and would “love to make something again that everyone loved and others would hate”.

Read the full interview here—does it change your opinion about Comic Sans?

Vincent Connare

[via Dezeen]