26 November 2014

Brilliant Deodorizing Toilet Seat Turn Bad Odor Into Scent Of Avocados

Now you can do away with the bulky air fresheners and odor cover-up sprays with the ‘Purefresh’ toilet seat, designed by Kohler.

The deodorizing carbon filter is fitted in the toilet seat’s hinge, along with a fan that quietly blows air over to the Purefresh scent pack with an assortment of scents to choose from—making your bathroom smell like a Garden Waterfall, Fresh Laundry and even Avocados.

Not only does the seat does the job of deodorizing, it doubles as a guiding light that runs on batteries, illuminating the bathroom without the need of turning on the lights.

Purchase it here for US$90.

[via Fast Co. Design, Kohler]