24 November 2014

Simple, Clever ‘Lettermate’ Helps You Write In Straight Lines On Envelopes

This holiday season, you would probably be sending out a lot of hand-written greeting cards—a small frustration of this tradition that many people would be able to relate to is how difficult it is to get the addresses down in neat straight lines on the envelopes.

If you are one of those “that have trouble with writing in a straight line”, the “Lettermate” by California-based stationery designer Kimberly is just the thing for you.

This “envelope addressing guide” is actually a translucent plastic template with a printed grid-like pattern and windows cut into it—it would help you write in straight, evenly spaced lines every time.

Suitable for a wide range of envelopes, the Lettermate is available for purchase here for US$14.95.

[via Swiss Miss]