26 November 2014

Fancy Having A US$62,000 Job As A Paintball ‘Bullet Tester’?

Image: Sergio Garcia

Fancy having a job with ‘extremely flexible working hours’ coupled with travel expenses, and pays you an approximate amount of US$62,000 a year (£40,000)?

If “yes” is your answer, then the UK Paintball Company is looking for you.

Opening up a vacancy as an official ‘bullet tester’, the job will “involve being shot at with every new batch of paint bullets to ensure that all health and safety checks are in place before we can use them on the general public and paying customers.”

If you have a “relatively high pain threshold”, and the idea of having an unconventional job appeals to you, then head on over here to find out more.

[via BuzzFeed, UK Paintball, image via Sergio Garcia]