26 November 2014

A Waffle Iron That Lets You Make Awesome Keyboard-Shaped Waffles

Brooklyn-based designer Chris Dimino has finally launched a Kickstarter campaign for his awesome keyboard waffle iron, seven years after images of his first prototype caused much frenzy online.

The ‘Keyboard Waffle Iron’, made with die-cast aluminum, can whip up “perfectly crispy” waffles in five minutes—however, you will need to use it on a stovetop, grill, or other cooking surfaces.

Plus, what makes these keyboard-shaped waffles better than regular ones are the multiple crevices that let you slather more maple syrup, butter and anything else that you fancy.

Take a look at Dimino’s keyboard waffle iron below, and head to his Kickstarter page for more information.

[via Gizmodo, images via Kickstarter]