25 November 2014

Rio 2016 Olympics Unveils Dynamic Mascots Reflecting The City’s Vibrant Nature

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Image via Rio 2016

The 2016 Rio summer Olympics and Paralympics has unveiled their official nature-inspired mascots for the event, they are cute magical creatures that were born out of an explosion of Brazilian joy.

The Olympic Games mascot is a representation of the different Brazilian animals combined into one—including “the agility of the cats, the sway of the monkeys, the grace of the birds”, he has amazing limbs that has the ability to stretch as much as he likes.

The Paralympic Games mascot has hair made up of a fusion of Brazil’s diverse plant life, with foliages that can transform and solve problems by pulling anything out of his head of leaves.

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Watch the dynamic duo run around Rio in the video below.

[via Rio 2016, images via video screenshot]