26 November 2014

Chart: The Top Issues That Cost Countries The Most Money

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The Washington Post has created a chart listing the top issues that cost countries around the world the most money.

Posted on the newspaper’s Know More blog, it draws from a recent report on fighting obesity by consultancy McKinsey & Company, as well as data from the World Health Organization Global Burden of Disease database.

It attempts to put a price tag on social issues like alcoholism, air pollution and drug use, and ranks their financial impact on a scale of one to 14, with a lower number indicating a greater financial strain.

It is interesting to note the top economic burdens for each country; the United States spends the most on armed conflict with obesity coming in second, while China devotes much of its expenditure to dealing with its air pollution.

Click the image above to view a larger version.

[via My Modern Met and This Isn’t Happiness, image via Know More]